YouTube Marketing Uncovered – PUO

Secrets of Producing the 

Most Viewed Video on YouTube
in Your Niche Market!

My report sets out to simply show you:

  • The most important time to decide you're not going to be too creative
  • A lesson from Pablo Picasso – who mastered it and pre-qualified patrons when only 14
  • A lesson from YouTube superstars Nigahiga – and a relatively unknown teenage girl
  • The secret way to make any of your videos create more loyalty – and pack far more punch
  • 3 simple actions to take that will help "brand" your videos more effectively than any other way
  • The single most important action to take, if you decide a "talking head" video is the method for you
  • 2 fatal mistakes – and when you shouldn't mistake this small one for "insignificant"
  • 3 clues your video can give you as to what equipment to use
  • 4 choices you must make, when deciding on a name for your channel
  • The secret of categories – and how to tell which one is the best one for your video
  • The importance of placement, when deciding to use your keyword phrase in your title
  • 4 top video making tips – and the small detail that makes the difference between thrilling your audience – and putting them to sleep
  • The secret ingredient discovered by that young teenage girl that allows you an extra call to action
  • The power of the "forbidden" element – and how you can use it to attract viewers to drop in and view
  • 2 teenage tips that can help videos go viral like wildfire – and the one thing you can take away from all their successful mistakes
  • Why it's a fatal flaw to study only marketing videos, when learning what works best for marketing on YouTube

Need I really say more?

The long and the short of it is, after I saw what was missing, I sat down and wrote “YouTube Marketing Uncovered”. I wanted to fill in those gaps, and give exactly what every marketer needs to break the “code”.

There are hidden (and not so hidden) conventions on YouTube that go beyond “what” and get into “why”. If you understand the “why”, you’ve done it! You can then make any video situation work to the max for you!


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