Monthly Newsletters 2012




You may use the content within the package to set up and publish a newsletter and share the content with an unlimited numbers of subscribers via autoresponder or other delivery method.

However, the content provided to you in the newletter package is for your use only. Under no circumstances are you allowed to sell or share this package in its entirety with anyone.

Each Niche Newsletter Set Includes:

  • 12 Issues Full Of Great Content – Just add in your contact info and plug it in to your favorite auto responder. Each issue contains 500 words or more!
  • One Ready To Go Squeeze Page –  Just add in your opt in form, upload to your server and your done!
  • One Ready To Go Thank You Page – All ready to remind your subscribers to check their email and confirm their subscription. It even has built in revenue!
  • 4 Researched Click Bank Products  – These are top selling products on Click Bank that I’ve personally researched and chosen for each series.
  • 12 Sponsor Ads All ready To Plug In – I’ve included one for each issue of your new newsletter –  Plus with a little editing you can combine them and use them for solo ads that you can blast to your new subscribers whenever you need some quick cash.
  • Extra Copy And Paste Article Content – You can mix and match this content to create unique articles that you can submit to directories or you could add it to your auto responder and extend the length or your messages.

You get:

  • Extra titles
  • Extra opening paragraphs
  • Extra closing paragraphs
  • Extra fill in paragraphs

The whole idea is that you can quickly and easily set up a newsletter in a new niche market every month.

That is why you will receive a ready to go squeeze page and and thank-you page in each set. This way when you get your new set all you have to do is customize and upload the pages, add your own contact information to the messages, plug in your choice of Clickbank promo as then load them into your autoresponder and start sending! Then you will be free to spend the rest of the month promoting the site to get it going before you get your next set!

By repeating the process every month, you will eventually end up with several niche newsletters and websites that can basically be managed with little or no effort.

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December 2012
Candle Making Basics


“Quickly Tap Into the Lucrative Candle Making Niche Without Spending a Fortune or Hours of Your Own Valuable Time Creating the Content Yourself!”


November 2012
Internet Marketing Made Easy


“Quickly Tap Into the Lucrative Internet Marketing Niche Without Spending a Fortune or Hours of Your Own Valuable Time Creating the Content Yourself!”


October 2012
Good Dog Behavior Tips & Tricks


“Learn Valuable Tips & Tricks That Can Help Correct Your Dogs Behavioral Problems & Turn Them Into A Good Dog You Will Be Proud Of! “


September 2012
Focus & Motivation For Your Business


“Are You Ready to Discover How to Maintain The Laser Focus You Need To Build A Successful Business? Plus Accelerate Your Motivation, So That You Can Finally Achieve Your Goals? “


August 2012
Why Yoga Is Important


“Did You Know That Yoga Can Be the First Step Towards Living a More Healthy & Peaceful Lifestyle?”


July 2012
Online Marketing Tactics


“Discover Tried & True Online Marketing Tactics That You Can Use to Build Your Business & Make More Money?”


June 2012
Understanding Your Acne

“Did You Know That the First Step to Living Acne Free Is Understanding It’s Underlying Causes?”


May 2012
Get Social


“Isn’t It About Time You Learn Exactly What Social Networks Can Do For You, Personally & Professionally?””


April 2012
The Raw Food Way


“”Discover How Living The Raw Food Way Can Help You Feel Better, Look Better And Live Longer? “


March 2012
Simple Steps To Better Sales


“Discover Basic Techniques That Will Help You Substantially Boost Your Sales & Increase Your Revenue?”


February 2012
Caring For Your Feline Friend


“Are You Ready To Learn How To Properly Care For Your Feline Friend, So That They Can Live The Longest Happiest Life Possible?”


January 2012
Niche Market Research


“Learn Basic Techniques That Will Help You Quickly Research & ProfitFrom Hot Niche Markets!   “