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Includes Report, Video Squeeze Page, Keywords & Info On Related Affiliate Program


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Dori - June 18, 2009

Hi, There is a file in here called Green_Tea.odt, what is it? I don't recognize the .odt extension and neither my MAC nor my Vista computer will open it. Also is there a sales page with this? Thanks! Dori

REPLY FROM RYAN: There is no sales page. .odt is an Open Office file. Open Office is like Microsoft Office except free. It works on both Mac and PC after you have it on your system. <cite&gt <a href="http://;</cite&gt;” target=”_blank”>;</cite>

Dori - June 18, 2009

Ok so its just a duplicate of the .Word and .PDF files? I don't need to bother with it then.



Jack - June 20, 2009

Hello Dori,

Ryan's right, it'a an open office document. But it can be very useful to you if you're into editing word docs that come with a resell rights package. While the normal Microsoft Office doc is good, it lacks in a lot of areas. With Open Office, you can do a lot, even convert the doc into PDF when you're done so you can start selling it as an ebook. If you don't have it yet, it's HIGHLY recommended.


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