Golden Goose Pack – PUO


High CPC WordPress Adsense Themes with Keywords. 10 Different Niches.


  • Niche One – 58 keyphrases, estimated CPCs from $20.00 – $38.12
  • Niche Two – 61 keyphrases, estimated CPCs from $20.44 – $41.73
  • Niche Three – 35 keyphrases, estimated CPCs from $20.88 – $40.11
  • Niche Four – 39 keyphrases, estimated CPCs from $21.54 – $46.15
  • Niche Five – 68 keyphrases, estimated CPCs from $20.09 – $39.62
  • Niche Six – 62 keyphrases, estimated CPCs from $20.40 – $47.19
  • Niche Seven – 79 keyphrases, estimated CPCs from $20.82 – $45.00
  • Niche Eight – 29 keyphrases, estimated CPCs from $23.78 – $54.61
  • Niche Nine – 62 keyphrases, estimated CPCs from $20.06 – $52.93
  • Niche Ten – 52 keyphrases, estimated CPCs from $20.29 – $56.12

The pack include the following features:

  • 10 niche specific high CPC keyword lists: A total of 545 keyphrases, with estimated CPCs from $20.00 to $56.12
  • 10 x WordPress 2.8 compatible niche targetted themes.
  • Each theme has adsense already in place, just plugin your IDs and the ads are yours.
  • Adsense units are optimally placed, for maximum CTR:
    • 728 x 15 Link Unit directly under page menu
    • 160 x 600 Ad Blocks – 1 in each sidebar, aligned to the top and bottom of the content area
    • 468 x 60 Ad Block – located at the bottom of the homepage content area
    • 200 x 200 Ad Block – nestled in the top left corner of each individual post
  • Google search integrated, for even more revenue.
  • Royalty free, resell friendly images – we’ve created the graphics by hand, and the images are our own unique 3D renders.
  • 10 x header graphics, so you can change the theme names and header presentation.
  • Promotional graphics – to help you with reselling the pack we’ve included a 3D boxshot and the header graphic you see above.


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Michelle - July 29, 2009

You know I was about to suggest this one! I'm so glad to see it.


Dori - September 15, 2009

This is a great package, but I am confused. It says in the license file that this package can not be sold, used to flip a site,put into a paid or a free membership site or given away, but then there are reseller graphics included leading one to believe its ok to do any of the above. Has the licensed changed on this? I have seen this for sale other places and I was about to make a site so I could offer it on my webhosting site, but I don't want to have the creator of this package coming after me, Thanks, Dori


REPLY FROM RYAN: Sorry, the reseller materials should have been removed because the product comes with Personal Use Only Rights.  The reseller graphics are for MY use because I have the rights to sell the product (or in this case add it to this site for everybody) but I forgot to remove them.


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