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Copywriting software for VSLs and sales letters

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So I stumbled upon a really affordable copywriting software that helps you write sales letters and video sales letters for pretty much anything…

…and it’s surprisingly really good!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a license that would allow me to add it to Monthly Content, but it’s such a bargain I still wanted to tell you about it…

The weird thing is, the software is normally 67 bucks per month, but the page I found offers it for a one-time only fee WAY less than that!

Check it out here.

The page was actually their Black Friday and Christmas special for the software, but as of this posting, the discounted offer page is still live and working.

I contacted their support and they said that they’ll be removing the page soon, but until they do people are still free to order at the discounted Christmas price from this page.

No idea how long they’ll have it up, but it’s a bargain while it’s live so I thought I’d let you know about it 🙂

Copywriting Crackdown – RR

Copywriting Crackdown

“Increase Your Sales by Writing Effective Copy That Works! One of the Best Strategies for Generating Successful Sales of Your Products and/or Services is Learning to Write Effective Copy That Will Arouse a Favorable Response From Your Target Market!”

What you’ll discover in this eBook:

  • Create a consistent and engaging brand across social media
  • Use social media for much more than just brand awareness
  • Set up accounts with all the major social media accounts
  • Build a rapport with your visitors and gain their trust
  • Provide engaging content that people want to read and share
  • Set up tools to automate a lot of the work and save you time
  • Create synergy between your social media channels to drive more traffic and grow faster
  • Use growth hacking to get even more traffic to your accounts
  • Run competitions and other events to get more traffic
  • Leverage events and competitions
  • …and much, much more!

The Copywriters Manual – MRR & Giveaway Rights

The Copywriters Manual

“All You Need To Know About Selling Effectively!” 

If you’re still sitting on the fence, here’s 5 great reasons to invest in The Copywriter’s Manual:

  • You’ll never have to pay a single cent to so called “expert copywriters” to write salespages for you.
    These copywriting techniques are only known by a select few of top marketers and wordsmiths, and you’ll be getting access to these precious jewels immediately!
  • Thousands of dollars are being left on the table just because people fail to write proper sales copies. Isn’t about time you changed things?
  • You’re marketing buddies will be begging for you to teach them your secret copywriting strategies and even pay you for consultancy fees!
  • With your newfound copywriting strategies, you’ll easily cover your investment in this guide and starting raking in tons of cold hard cash!

Million Dollar Copywriting Secrets – MRR


“Why Spend Thousands of Your Hard-Earned Dollars on Copywriting, When You Can Easily Learn to Do It Yourself? Discover the Fast, Easy, Foolproof System You Can Use to Write Great Sales Copy … Even If You Flunked High School English!” 

In the “Million Dollar Copywriting Secrets” you’ll learn:

  • How to craft killer sales copy that will have your prospects lining up and begging you to sell them your product or service!
  • How to write attention-grabbing headlines that’ll suck readers into your copy like a 10-ton magnet attracts paperclips!
  • Magic words you can use in headlines to send reader curiosity soaring through the roof – use these words and prospects will have no choice, they will have to read your letter!
  • The four principle elements of a successful headline and how to ensure yours has all four!
  • How to write copy that grabs your readers’ attention and doesn’t let go until they have ordered!
  • A powerful persuasion technique you can use to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your copy!
  • The proper way to use testimonials to strengthen your copy – you may be very surprised by what you learn here as well as by how many marketers are currently doing this all wrong!
  • How to make an offer your readers can’t refuse!
  • How create a sense of urgency that’ll have your prospects pulling out there credit cards and ordering before they even realize what’s going on!
  • The one thing you should never, ever do in sales copy – do this and you are doomed to fail, I repeat, doomed to fail!
  • What element all Internet sales letters must have to be successful – you’d be amazed at how many marketers and even professional copywriters leave this out … put it in your letter and watch your profits skyrocket!
  • The nine basics of all great sales letters – just follow these simple steps to create your own sales-generating letters … you are sure to be amazed at how easy it is to do!
  • How to test and fine-tune your copy so that it becomes a lean mean sales machine!
  • And much, much more!


Becoming an Expert at Copywriting – MRR


“Absolutely Everything You Need To Know To Master Clickbank And Be A Success Right At Your Fingertips!” 

Here’s what you get:

  • Understanding The Potential Of This Market That Is Worth Millions!
  • Attitude Is Everything When It Comes To Conquering This Million Dollar Market
  • The Guide To Getting Started By Choosing Your Niche.
  • Carrying On Seminars
  • Guide To Creating Good E-book Products To Sell On Clickbank
  • Guide To Creating Audio Products
  • Guide To Creating Video Products
  • How To Setup A Membership Site
  • Domain Name Setup, Hosting Setup And WordPress Setup
  • Simple Tips On Selling Clickbank Products
  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • And so much more!


Copywriting Strategies Explained – MRR & Giveaway Rights


 “Increase Your Sales by Writing Effective Copy That Works! One of the Best Strategies for Generating Successful Sales of Your Products and/or Services is Learning to Write Effective Copy That Will Arouse a Favorable Response From Your Target Market!”

Here is Just Some of What You Will Learn in Copywriting Strategies Explained:

  • Basic copywriting information and tips
  • Effective copywriting strategy for sales success
  • Distinguishing between features and advantages in copy
  • Focusing copy on what the potential buyers really want
  • Turning your website into a persuasive sales machine
  • Mistakes to avoid in preparing effective copy
  • And much, much more …


The Copywriters Swipe File Vault – MRR & Giveaway Rights

the copywriters swipe file vault

“Today I’ll Show You the Words That Makes You a Millionaire in Less Than 9 Months! Master The Techniques Of A Master Copywriter And Make A Killing…”

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • The essentials of speed copy writing
  • The Copywriter swipes vaults
  • The soft skills required in master speed copywriting
  • How to improve the master speed copywriting
  • The types of  swipe files
  • And more…

Copywriting Champion – MRR

Copywriting Champion

 “Give Me Ten Minutes And I’ll Show You Exactly How I Generate A Flood Of Copywriting Cash On Demand! I’ll explain the REAL REASON why so many new copywriters blow it, and how you can be the exception that gets more clients than you can handle – starting TODAY.”

In this all-revealing training you will discover:

  • How to get your first client – IMMEDIATELY after you read the first chapter (they’re guaranteed to accept you)
  • How to find one BRAINDEAD source for clients that are highly likely to accept you and will WORK to bring you new, high dollar clients.
  • How much should you charge? This golden technique ensures you never get rebuffed by paying clients… OR leave money on the table
  • Secrets of (Almost) Instant Killer Portfolios: This “dirty trick” will *prove* that you can outperform competing copywriters – even if you’ve never had a paid job before.
  • No Experience, No Problem: Your clients don’t care about your exprience. They care about *this*, and you can get it in a short brainstorming session.
  • Once you’ve gotten your first few gigs, the most important step is preparation. I don’t care if you think you’re the Cary Grant of advertising… if you aren’t doing this, you’re just throwing cute syllables together. That’s NOT what this is about, and people that do it look FAKE to other pros and potential clients.

In this all-revealing training you will discover:

  • Industry Research That Cuts To The Chase:  Look, you CAN spend days trolling forums for insight into your customers… if you’ve got that kind of time. But if you want 90% of the results in 10% of the time (hint: that’s how to become rich), go HERE.
  • Fine Tuning Your BS Detector:  How to filter out fluff, nonsense, and DISINFORMATION in your industry.
  • Which kind of customer will tell you the MOST about whether a product will sell or not? If you can find them, it’s super easy to convert the rest.
  • Honestly, if you JUST knew how to recruit clients and research advertisements, you’d be ahead of the pack. But when you bring Copywriting Champion home, you’re FORCING ME to give up “the good stuff” info it took me years to learn.

You will also learn techniques like:

  • 4 Central Traits Of Million Dollar Headlines: Not sure how to seprate the winning headlines from the duds? If you blend these together, you’ll learn how to stop skimmers cold and get enthusiasm for your product every time.
  • The Deadly D’s – Two Mistakes You Should NEVER Make In Your Opening Paragraph. Mess this up and you’ll starve to death before making a sale.
  • Benefits, Not Features (And Other Dangerous Assumptions): You know, there IS a time when features are more effective. And that’s not the only copy cliche that needs busting. Once you learn the rules, learn when they need to be broken.


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