3 Niche Blogs And Review Sites – Restricted PLR


This is from a new source… 

If you like these and want me to keep adding them every month, please leave a comment and let me know.

(The blogs seem a little difficult to install for someone without experience with PHP MyAdmin and MySQL databases, however, instructional videos are included)

This includes 3 good-looking wordpress blogs (with content) and 3 review sites (with content).

You get 1 blog and 1 review site in each of the following niches this month:

Baby Care
Body Building
Internet Business

Each Blog Includes: 20 PLR articles, Logo (with PSD), Video Page, SEO Optimized. They also include revenue streams from Clickbank, Amazon and Adsense.

The Review Websites: Are preloaded with 3 Clickbank reviews of products in the niche and 5 articles in the niche.

You receive Resticted PLR – Please Read The Included License


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Dori - June 12, 2009

I love the blogs!! Yes, please keep adding them every month.

Thank you!!!!!!

Michelle - June 12, 2009


I would have to say this is the best World Press themes I every seen. It's based on the popular Revolution style themes. Not only do you get the theme but you also get content written with it!!

If you actually take a look at them you'll see that they are gorgeous. It will definitely make your blog/site stand out from the rest.

I definitely want to keep seeing these here. Anybody that knows anything about WordPress should know how beautiful those Revolution style themes are! Please keep them.


Jack - June 12, 2009

This is great! I definitely like them and would like more added each month.

I just tried installing one of the blogs after watching the video. It went really well. Now the problem is how do I log in into the WP admin area. The video never tells you how to find out your username and password. Does anyone know how?

Jack - June 12, 2009

Never mind I figured it out! Ignore my previous post.

Spencer Chun - June 12, 2009

 You are saving me money and I appreciate it.

Thank you, Spencer

hamel - June 14, 2009

Hi Would you please tell me how can I install them? Where is the video Jack talking about? Thanks

REPLY FROM RYAN: In the download you'll find a zip folder with the Instructional videos.

Dori - June 14, 2009

I installed the IM blog last night and I love it! It took about 5 minutes to install. I will change the colors to make it different than everyone else's blog. When you log on to the admin panel it prompts you to upgrade to the new WP version, be sure to back up everything if you do upgrade; I upgraded another blog yesterday and it messed the sidebars up so I had to restore my back up!

Thank you MonthlyContent.com!

Steve - June 29, 2009

Please keep saving me cash!

This is great themes.

Michelle - July 8, 2009

Hi, Do you have July's blogs? I'm anxiously waiting for them. I just love these PLR blogs! Take care


REPLY FROM RYAN: The membership site where I get these from works a little differently where I only get the new package on the anniversary date each month of when I signed up.  Therefore these blogs will be added around the same time each month (mid-month).  Hope this clears things up.

Alanna Long - July 15, 2009

Okay, these are a little hard to understand how to install considering the fact I just learned how to install WP through Fantastico! This is totally different than anything I've learned so far. Does anyone know if you can just install the theme like normal through Fantastico and then just add in the posts and ads/videos yourself later?


REPLY FROM RYAN: I don't know the anwser to this, hopefully another member using these themes will chime in with a response.

Dori - July 15, 2009


Yes, you can install the blogs that way, but it will take you hours to do it. Its better to install the whole blog which shouldn't take you more than ten minutes as long as you're not on dial-up internet. There are installation instructions you can follow to install these blogs. Also I saw some Word Press tutorials in the membership area and one of them covers WP installation. 🙂


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