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The Organized Mind Gold – MRR

Mind video

“Now You Can Get Instant Access To 10 HOT Video Tutorials Showing You How To Develop A Winning Mindset! Download And Start Playing These Videos Tutorials Right From The Comfort Of Your Home!” 

What you get:

  • Video 1: Get your priorities in order.
  • Video 2: Goal setting for high achievement.
  • Video 3: Write it down!
  • Video 4: Learning to delegate.
  • Video 5: Tips for getting rid of clutter!
  • And much, much more…


The Organised Mind – MRR


 “Discover The Step-By-Step System To Overcoming Information Overload And Staying Organized! Find Out How To Finally Free Yourself Of Overload, Reduce Your Stress And Work More Productively!” 

What you’ll discover in this eBook:

  • What you can do to remove information overload
  • How to easily remove some of your stressors
  • Find out how you can work more efficiently
  • Developing positive habits
  • Being more organized
  • Making better use of the time you have
  • Reducing the time that you waste everyday
  • Why it’s crucial that you organize parts of your life
  • How to guard your time effectively from those who don’t deserve it!
  • And much much more…

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint – MRR & Giveaway Rights

Affiliate Marketing

“Discover How To Get Rich Selling Other People’s Products! This guide will show you exactly how you can get started in affiliate marketing and get rich by selling other people’s products!” 

Here’s what you’ll discover in The Affiliate Marketing Blueprint guide:

  • What is takes to become an affiliate
  • How to earn money selling other people’s products
  • The best ways to drive huge traffic to your site
  • How you can find a high-paying affiliate program to promote
  • How to live the life of a successful online entrepreneur
  • How and why you should set short and long-term goals.
  • How to increase your conversion rate
  • Which common mistakes you must ensure that you avoid
  • …and much, much more!

Calm Mind Healthy Body – MRR

Calm Mind

 “Are You Tired And Stressed Out? You’re About To Discover A Complete Training Guide For Calming Your Mind, Improving Your Mindset And Feeling Better Without Medication!”

Here’s Just Some Of What You’ll Learn Inside…

  • Why perception is everything and how to take back control of your mind… and your life…
  • And over to meditation… if you’ve never meditated before, you’ll discover exactly what meditation is, why you need it, and how to get started today…
  • Meditation is a great way to calm your mind and take back control, but did you know it can also improve your health and even help you become more successful in your career?
  • The different types of meditation are revealed and you’ll discover which one is the best for you depending on how things are currently going in your life
  • A simple, step-by-step meditation program you can use to get started today…
  • How to become more present and use meditation in everything that you do…
  • You’re better than you are right now… hot to tap into your best you for ultimate performance in every facet of your life…
  • Most of us just walk through life, going through the motions like a zombie… Discover how to come “come back to life” with meditation…
  • Discover what a “flow state” is and why it’s important to the human brain…
    Should you take supplements or should you avoid them? This question is answered inside the guide…
  • Why we’re wired and tired and how to have more energy than you’ve ever had without caffeine or other artificial stimulants…
  • The morning ritual you should adopt that will give you more energy, more calm and more focus each and every day…
  • An introduction on CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and how you can use it to better control your thoughts…
  • How use CBT to change your life forever and overcome anxiety…
  • The simple, yet natural way to sleep better and wake up more rested each day…
  • Plus, a whole lot more…

Calm Mind Healthy Body Video Upsell – MRR

Calm Mind

 “How Would You Like To Get Healthier And Feel Better Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible?” 

The Video Version Of The Meditation Guide Will Help You…

  • Avoid missing any important key details about meditation and calming your mind
  • Make sure you get started with meditation and relaxation the right way, so you get the maximum benefits
  • Stay focused and accountable to follow through and seeing results…
  • Truly calm your mind and improve your overall health and well-being


List Building Expert Video Upsell – MRR

List Building

“Watch and Learn Everything up to 5 Times Faster with the List Building Expert Video Course!” 

Here’s exactly why this video upgrade is so valuable:

  • 10x MP4 videos for each chapter of the eBook, over 40 minutes of content
  • Designed in a way to easily watch from start to finish
  • High Definition (1280×720) format to look brilliant even on your TV
  • Highly optimized thus only ~70 Mb in total
  • Beautiful flat style graphics will make you really enjoy this course
  • Minimalistic, clean style of the videos just like in the big companies
  • Professional voiceover recorded by a native US speaker in a real studio


List Building Expert – MRR


“Attention: Need a Boost in Sales? Discover The Secret Methods of How to Build a Huge List of Hungry Subscribers Eager to Learn and Buy Everything You’ve Got!”

Here’s exactly what you will discover inside this 54-page eBook:

  • The actual reasons of why you need to start building a list right now
  • How to pick the best autoresponder service for your marketing strategy and how to avoid common mistakes
  • What is an opt-in form and how to make it attractive for your visitors
  • How to use list segmentation to increase the relevance of your email campaigns and the open rate
  • What’s the difference between plain text and HTML emails and when you should use each type
  • How to structure your email to turn the readers into customers
  • How to write attention grabbing subject lines that will force your subscribers to click on it
  • How to build trust and your personal brand and use it to make even more profits
  • What is tracking and why it’s so important for your campaigns
  • and much, much more!

Warrior Forum Combo – PLR

Warrior Forum

“Warrior Forum Master + Warrior Plus Videos 2-for-1 COMBO PACK!” 

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Introduction to building your business using the Warrior Forum and what will be covered in this course
  • What are “Warrior Special Offers” (WSO’s) and how you can use them to catapult your business!
  • The advantages of the “Warrior Classified Ads” section and why they are perfect for anyone wanting to get traffic & sales with few restrictions
  • Promoting your offer with “Warrior Banner Ads” to get immediate sales and great results!
  • Key strategies for increasing exposure from “Warrior Forum Marketing” and how you can get more clicks to your signature link
  • How to directly advertise your Affiliate Program on the Warrior Forum to attract quality affiliates and get Joint Venture partners to promote your offers
  • Additional resources & methods for using the Warrior Forum to grow your business, boost your income and make even more money!
  • And much more!