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Membership Millionaire Workshop – PUO


“Who Else Wants To Create The Ultimate Internet Lifestyle By Creating Their Own Money Getting Membership Sites Using this New Secret Magic Formula?”

Here’s what you learn:

  • A complete bird’s eye view of everything we will be doing so you get the “big picture” from the get go. This will help you learn as we go so you’re not just doing things blindly.
  • What your options are for what to offer in your membership site. Most people have no clue what to offer people so they either don’t create a membership site or create one that no one wants to join. This information is pure gold!
  • Step-by-step over my shoulder tutorials showing you how to build your membership site. Does the techy stuff stump you? I’ll show you the easy way to create a membership site that anyone can do no matter their experience.
  • How to write sales copy to make people want to join your membership site. If you can’t entice people you’ll never get them to pay you so this information is vital to your success!
  • Ways you can promote your membership site to start getting members right away and cash in your pocket!
  • And so so so much more!
  • Literally everything you need to know to get setup and making money with your own membership sites is covered in this workshop!
  • You can easily start making money right away!



Limited Time Offer Builder – PUO


“Finally! You Can Easily Create Limited Time Offers In Just Minutes!” 

Here Are The Main Features…

  • Set Your Offers To Expire To The Exact Minute.
  • Easy To Use, Simply Fill-In-The Blanks.
  • No Installation Required.
  • Option To Add Offer Order Buttons Or Text.
  • Automatically Redirects To Expired URL.
  • Requires Upload Access To A Webhost.
  • Can Be Used With Any Website URL.
  • Customizable Bottom Banner Colors & Images.
  • Software Comes With Unlimited Use License.


Complete Product Creation Training – PUO

Complete Product Creation Training

“This program is designed to train you how to create your products fast and easy! What if you discovered that there is a very easy method – a very specific order of creating new products in a sequence that literally forces yourself to create one new product each month, quickly and easily?”



The Insiders Guide To Niche Research – RR


“Discover How To Quickly and Easily Find Profitable Niches!” 

Here is just a preview of what’s included in this exclusive report:

  • What To Look For In A Niche, and Why It’s Important To Explore Those Little Known Niches!
  • Why Evergreen Niches Are So Profitable!
  • Finding Products To Promote For Your Given Niche and How To Use Clickbank and Amazon To Propel Your Profits!
  • Finding Profitable Keywords For Your Given Niche!
  • And Much, Much More!


Growing Vegetables In Containers For Beginners – RR


“Start Saving Money By Discovering How To Grow Your Own Fruit and Vegetables At Home From Start To Finish!” 

Here is what you will learn inside this guide…

  • What Can I Grow In A Container Garden?
  • What Soil Mix Should I Use For Containers?
  • What Containers Can I Use?
  • How Do I Water A Container Garden?


Authority Blog Success – MRR & Giveaway Rights


“There are Lots of Rambling Blogs on the Web Today, but Blogging as an Authority on a Particular Subject is the Best Strategy for Generating a Perpetual Income!” 

Authority Blog Success covers the following subjects to help you turn your blog into a perpetual source of income:

  • The basics of blogging strategy
  • Building blocks of successful blogging
  • Proper methodology for blogs oriented towards making money
  • How to generate profit with advertising such as AdSense
  • Additional tips for generating more revenue with your blog
  • The facts about using sponsored reviews in your blogging
  • How to improve your success by writing about what you love
  • And much, much more …


Leveraging eBooks in the Digital Era – MRR & Giveaway Rights


“Producing and Selling eBooks in the Digital Marketplace Provides a Perpetual Source of Income That Can Change Your Life Forever!” 

Leveraging eBooks in the Digital Era includes the following valuable information:

  • The basics and fundamentals of eBook production
  • Deciding how your eBook will be used
  • Selecting the best format for your objective
  • Picking a relevant topic that will generate sales
  • Compiling your eBook for the marketplace
  • Incorporating advertising or other promo into your eBook
  • Adding other extras in your eBook package
  • Effectively launching your eBook through the proper channels
  • Insight on eBook marketing and promo
  • And much, much more …


List Success – MRR & Giveaway Rights


“Build a responsive list! Write emails that convert! Establish credibility and trust! Discover How To Successfully Build A Responsive List, Write Emails That Convert And Establish Credibility & Trust With Your Subscribers!” 

Inside this guide, you’ll discover:

  • How to write and design a compelling landing page that converts visitors into subscribers.
  • Which autoresponder service should you use? I’ve reviewed 4 top autoresponders and give you the verdict.
  • 7 ways get visitors to your opt in page so you can start building your list.
  • 7 ways to write damn good email copy that your subscribers will take action on — whether you’re promoting a product or sending a newsletter, you’ll like these techniques.
  • How to use urgency in your email copy to get people to take action.
  • Should you use long or short copy? Which converts better?
  • How often should you email your list? Once a month? Once a week? Once a day? I’ll share with you what you should go with.
  • What to avoid when sending emails to your list.
  • Should you broadcast your messages or use the autoresponder?
  • How to write a clear call-to-action that gets people clicking your links in your emails.
  • + much, much more!


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