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Marketers Guide To Resell Rights – MRR & Giveaway Rights


 “Learn How To Profit From Resell Rights Products! I’ll Show You Exactly How To Source, Prepare and Use Resell Rights Products In Your Online Business!”

Here is just some of the information contained inside this report…

  • What are resell rights products?
  • The different types and what they can do for you.
  • How to choose your products.
  • The best places to get hold of them.
  • How to choose a niche (very important!)
  • How to edit your products and upload them to the internet… Don’t think you’ll be left to figure out the technical stuff for yourself 🙂 – I’ll show you how.
  • Other ways to make money with resell rights products.

Mass Muscle Building In Minutes – MRR & Giveaway Rights


 “Exposed! Build Shirt Busting Muscle Like You Never Thought Possible In Mere Minutes! Discover how you too can build mass muscle in only minutes!”

Here is exactly what you will get:

  • Learn Why This Is The Most Effective Form Of Training For Mass
  • Discover The Most Important Thing In Training
  • Quickly Get Results By Incorporating These Workouts
  • Eat To Grow – Nutrition Overhaul
  • And Much, Much More..

Instant Resell Profits – MRR


 “Make Massive Profits From The Simplest Business Model Online Today! Did you know digital media products are the biggest selling thing on the internet?”

Let’s Take A Look At The Step By Step Video Tutorials Inside The Members Area:

  • Resell Rights Explained: It is important to know the selling rights of a product. This video, along with some text goes through these rights in order for you to get a clear understanding before you start selling your products.
  • eBay and Internet Sales: You will be shown genuine proof of the potential earnings that can be made selling digital media products with resell rights on eBay and the internet
  • Product Source: You will be shown where you can get access to thousands of resell rights products that you can sell over and over again enabling you to sit back and watch the profits roll in!
  • Hosting and Domain: You will find out what web hosting and domain names are and how to obtain and set up these essential components of your business.
  •  Affiliate Marketing: Learn about what affiliate marketing is and how you can utilize this method of making money within your resell rights business.
  • Email Marketing: In this section you will learn how to get subscribers and build your mailing list. Not only that you will be provided with a complete sales funnel that will consist of a ready made squeeze page, products and a ready made email marketing autoresponder series which delivers quality content and promotes quality products that can bring you in more money!
  • Sales Page Creation: You will learn how to set up sales pages and thank you pages both on eBay and the World Wide Web. Also provided are a professionally made eBay sales page template that you can use to sell your products over and over again!
  • eBay Menu Sytem: You will be provided with an eBay custom menu system. This video shows  how to setup your menu system so that your customers receive a 100% professional looking product after purchase.
  • Cd/Dvd Rom Graphics: You will be provided with professionally made eBay cd/dvd rom graphics. This video will go through on how to use these graphics and where to find packaging materials used in the eBay product shipping process.
  • Ecommerce Profits: You will learn how digital media product ecommerce sales can be a great part of your business, as well as finding out how you can get your ecommerce store up and running.
  • Traffic Generation: There are many ways to drive traffic to a website and a lot of them cost a fortune! This section will discuss these but will concentrate on how you can use FREE traffic methods to drive traffic to your products and therefore bringing in more sales.

Going From Point A To Point B – MRR & Giveaway Rights

going from point a to point b

“The Secret To Success And Achieving Anything In Life Is By Simply Setting Goals…”

More specifically, you’ll discover:

  • Why settings goals is so important to reaching success – no matter what you’re trying to achieve.
  • Exactly what’s stopping you from setting goals.
  • The steps you need to take in order to set goals that are achievable.
  • The types of goals you should create. It’s not just as simple as writing a list of goals. There’s more to it.
  • How to prioritize your goals so that you know which ones to accomplish first.
  • How to follow a schedule so that you’re always on track to achieving your goals.
  •  Top five mistakes people make when setting goals.
  •  …and much, much more!

Affiliate Marketing Masterplan – MRR & Giveaway Rights


“Affiliate Marketing is a skill and a trade that must be mastered if you want to produce a significant income, and we want to tell you exactly what you need to know to achieve the results that will change your life forever!”

It is packed with crucial information you will need, including:

  • Insight into the three critical things that all affiliate marketers need to excel online
  • How to become a super affiliate in niche markets
  • Techniques for choosing the best affiliate programs  out of the large selection available
  • Identifying the bad affiliate programs you need to avoid so you don’t waste time and effort
  • Generating easy profits through PPC in your affiliate marketing business
  • How to properly use testimonials and product recommendations to effectively increase your revenue
  • Tapping into the power of video tutorials and presentations to maximize interest
  • How to avoid the top three common affiliate marketing mistakes
  • And much, much more!

My First Internet Business – MRR & Giveaway Rights


 “How To Get Your First Internet Business Up And Running So You Can Work From The Comfort of Your Home! This Guide Will Take You Through Steps On How To Start An Internet Business…Especially If You’re New To All This!”

So what exactly will you discover in this eBook?

  • 7 things to consider when starting your own internet business. There are actually several steps that you need to take to make sure that you put up your business in the smoothest possible way.
  • Internet business in 3 easy steps.  You might find starting your very own business scary and a little bit intimidating. But with these 3 simple steps, you will be able to set it up quickly and easily.
  • Internet business models. Choose any of these business models to start making money online. There are several methods that I share in this section so if you don’t find one that works for you, there are several others you can try.
  • Starting your own online membership site so you can make recurring income. You’ll discover what are the different types of membership websites and how you can earn money from it.
  • How to start earning money through Article Marketing. Content is king. With content, you can generate a ton of free traffic to your websites. Find out how in this section.
  • Got a skill or talent? Then you can start earning money by offering your services online. There are a few websites where people are looking for your services. This section will show you where.
  • Product creation tactics. What better way to make money online by having your own e-product for sale? You can create products such as videos, ebooks, reports and more. This section will enlighten you.
  • Plus much, much more!

Sales Funnel Strategies – MRR & Giveaway Rights


 “Learn how to make your business more successful! Have You Ever Wondered How the Big Online Players Create so Much Revenue and Online Subscribers?”

Here Are Just Some of the Things You Will Learn With “Sales Funnel Strategies”

  • Make your business more successful and sell products like hot cakes
  • Get more people to be interested in what your business has to offer
  • Get a higher Return on Investment from the sales process
  • Get more sales opportunities
  • Develop a manageable cost structure
  • The Power of Joint Ventures
  • Social Media Profits
  • And much, much more…

Easy Product Creation – MRR & Giveaway Rights


“Who Else Wants To Discover How To Create & Market Your Own Cash-Producing Product Online? You’ll Find Out The Different Ways To Create Your Own Products Such As Ebooks, Membership Sites & Video Training Products!”

So what exactly will you discover in this eBook?

  • 41-page guide on how to create & market your own cash-producing product online. This is THE guide you must read if you’re interested in making money online and starting your online empire.
  • 12 different types of products you can create online and sell so you can diversify and never run out of ideas.
  • How to research a hot topic so you can find out exactly what will sell.
  • How to create your own eBook that sells like hot cakes.
  • How to create a video training product. Video products have a higher perceived value. I’ll show you how to get started – from recording to producing. Don’t worry. It’s not hard.
  • How to create a membership website and make recurring income. Running a membership site is a very lucrative business your customer keeps paying for access to your site until he/she cancels. This section will teach you how to start your own membership site such as the scripts you need.
  • How to create your very own software or app. Apps are hot nowadays. This section will guide you on getting your own software/app created from app developers.
  • Plus much, much more!

CB Goldminer – MRR


 “Simple New App Saves You Money On Clickbank Virtually Everytime You Use It!”

If you’re buying for yourself…

  • Uncover the lowest prices that very few people know about… never needlessly pay full price again!
  • Find cheap or free trials instead of paying up-front
  • Save money on one-off AND subscription payments

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