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Body Fat Inferno – MRR


 “Worried you won’t have a rock-hard beach body by summer? Discover How To Drop 20 Pounds, 8% Body Fat, and FINALLY Look “Ripped” in 10 Weeks or Less!”

Between these two parts of the Body Fat Inferno guide, you’re going to discover:

  • Exact workouts I used to drop 20 pounds and 8% body fat in 10 weeks
  • How to do it all in under 40 minutes per gym session (I didn’t have time for hours of lifting and cardio every single day)
  • Variations on the exercises that anyone can “mix and match” to get the best workout… Every time!
  • How you can do this simple program in ANY gym – or even your house if you need to
  • Exact dieting strategy that allowed my body to burn more fat than ever before
  • How to get cut even if you’re on a shoestring budget (I keep my groceries under $40/week!)
  • And much, much more…

YOP Poll Plugin – MRR


 “Now You Can Quickly And Easily Create Customized Polls For Your Site With The Best WordPress Poll Widget Available!”

Current Poll Features:

  • Create/ Edit / Clone/Delete poll – allows you to create or intervene in your survey at any time, if you consider it necessary.
  • Poll scheduling: programs each poll to start/end on a certain date. You can simultaneously run multiple polls you can use this option to schedule your polls one after another.
  • Display polls: you can choose to display one or more polls on your website by simply adding the corresponding poll ID. You can also decide for a random display of your active polls.
  • View all polls: lists all your polls that you can sort by number of votes or voters, by question or by date and includes a search option.
  • Poll answers – allows other answers, multiple answers and includes a sorting module by various criteria: in exact order, in alphabetical order, by number of votes, ascending, descending etc.
  • Poll results – offers a great flexibility when displaying the results: before/after vote, after poll’s end date, on a custom date or never. The results can also be displayed by vote numbers, percentages or both. You can choose to include a view results link, view number of votes or number of voters.
  • Add new custom fields – is a complex option that you can use to ask for additional information from your voters, information that you can then download and use for.
  • Reset stats – proves useful when you wish to restart a poll.
  • Vote permissions: – limits the voting accessibility to guests, registered users or both, or blocks user access by cookie, IP and username.
  • Archive options – allows the users of the website to access former polls statistics. You can choose which polls to display according to their start/end date.
  • Edit/delete/clone templates – allows you to customize the poll using either the html or the visual modes. You can also customize the result bar.
  • Display Options – displays answers and results tabulated, vertically or horizontally.
  • Logs and bans – user logs and bans can be seen in the admin section. You can ban users by email, username and IP and you can set the limitation preferences for all your polls or for just one of them.
  • Edit access to YOP Poll for administrators, editors, authors.
  • Use custom animations when voting and viewing results.
  • Option to use html tags for answers.

Impact Audio Tracks – PUO

audio image

“A collection of music tracks that cover EVERY human emotion, using only live instruments, no loops, no computer-made ‘music’, no drum machines, and all are in the range of duration from just under one minute, for impact videos, to four minutes, for website videos.”


Video Marketing Gold – MRR & Giveaway Rights


“Discover Exactly How You Can Start Taking Advantage of Video Marketing In Your Online Business… Even If You’re a Total Newbie…Starting Today!”

What video marketing involves and what it can do for your business.

  • What actually makes a great video (very important)
  • How to make your own videos
  • The different software options you have
  • The FREE video software that you can use to get started
  • How to create videos using your webcam
  • How to create videos using screen capture software
  • How to share your videos with the world
  • How to upload your videos onto your website or blog
  • and more.

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