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How To Get Started In Drifting – PUO

“If you’re looking to get into something exciting, motorsports are most definitely the way to go. Feeling the rumble of the engines, the smell of the fuel burning up, the burning rubber, the speed, the heat, the danger, it all adds up to an intense rush of adrenaline, an incredible experience like no other.”

Laser Targeted List Building – MRR & Giveaway Rights


“FREE REPORT Reveals 30 Tips To Build A List of Laser-Targeted Subscribers So You Can Email Your Offers And Make More Money From Every Mailing…”

Here is what you learn:

  • 30 valuable tips to help you laser-target and build your list.
  • How to identify the exact target market so you can craft your offer and convert more visitors into subscribers.
  • How to use high traffic websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to laser-target your prospects.
  • How to build your list using backlinking techniques.
  • + much, much more!

Free Cash Generator – MRR


“Elite System Takes You Under The Wing And Reveals How To Generate FREE Cash Online Without Spending A Dime! This System Is So Valuable It’s Like Having The Ability To Print Money! – And Now You’re Going To Learn How!”

Module 1 – Overview of System

  • You will learn how to make money online with no out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Learn the basics of Affiliate Marketing: what it is and how to effectively use it.
  • Become acquainted with useful strategies that will help you gain traffic for your affiliate site.

Module 2 – Finding Your Niche To Promote

  • You will learn about profitable niche markets and how to find the most lucrative niches.
  • Finding profitable niche is easy to do, all you need is common sense and an internet connection.
  • There are many, many sites that can help you in finding profitable niche markets and topics to focus content on.

Learn how to become an affiliate and the steps in promoting a product.

  • Affiliate marketing works for physical and digital products, both methods are covered.
  • The process for signing up for AmazonAffiliates and Click bank are explained and demonstrated.
  • Focus on one product at any time to maximize profits for the work you are doing.

Module 3 – Software and Services Needed for System To Work

  • Find out what kind of preparation is needed to start making money with Affiliate Marketing.
  • Set up an email account for this specific product effort, you will be using many different websites so having a dedicated email will help with organization.
  • Free website builders are great resources to help increase profits form Affiliate Marketing.
  • In this video, you will learn how to obtain your own domain name through paid options.
  • Paid domain names are useful after utilizing free domain names.
  • Good for long-term investments.

Module 4 – Content Creation

  • In this 15:05 video, learn how to create topic appropriate content for the product you are promoting.
  • Product reviews are great for bringing in traffic to your site, this tutorial will cover how to write a successful review.
  • There are many tips and tricks you can use to streamline your reviewing process, increasing your overall profits.
  • Utilize websites that find keywords you can use on your affiliate website to increase traffic.

Module 5 – Setup Listwire Account for List Management

  • Discover what auto responders are and how they help your affiliate sites run smoother.
  • Create a free account to help run your website while you are working on other projects.
  • It is imperative that you give listwire a valid postal address or else your account will not function properly.

Module 6 – Grab your Clickbank and Amazon Affiliate Link

  • In this 3:54 video, you are shown how to grab your ClickBank affiliate link and use it on your free webpage.
  • Utilize notepad or other word processors to store your affiliate link.
  • Test your affiliate link to ensure that you are receiving credit for any purchases made through your website.
  • In this 5:14 video, you will learn how to grab your Amazon affiliate link so that you may use it on your website.
  • Utilize notepad or other word processors to store your affiliate link.
  • Amazon offers many ways for you to use your affiliate link, offering text and image options.
  • Test your affiliate link to ensure that you are receiving credit for any purchases made through your website.

Module 7 – Setup of Your Free Site On Weebly (Amazon and Clickbank Setup)

  • Find out how to set up, post on, and edit your Weebly website.
  • Setting up your weebly page and posting your product content is quick and easy to do.
  • Figure out the basics of getting your website filled out with relevant content to increase traffic.
  • Check your site’s links to make sure everything functions properly.
  • See what you need to do in order for you website to look clean and professional.
  • Utilize a free stock image website to give your website a clean and crisp appearance.
  • Create and add product content to a blog page hosted through your Weebly webpage.
  • In this 16:39, find out how to setup weebly for your amazon product.
  • Customize your affiliate website for your amazon product to maximize traffic
  • Post product content to your affiliate website in a clean, professional manner.
  • Utilize HTML code to increase the quality of your affiliate website.

Module 8 – Create Your Free Report for List Building

  • You will create a free report to give away in order to get email addresses onto your list.
  • Free reports are great ways to set up long term income that you will definitely want.
  • Use existing articles to create a report of your affiliate product that will act as a “legal bribe.”
  • In this 1:41 video, you will see how you can create a free report for amazon products.
  • Websites that offer the use of articles for free are great for creating a free report for your affiliate product.
  • Learn how to upload your pdf file for use in your auto-response email.
  • Download your free pdf to integrate into listwire and save url to your pdf to utilize on your affiliate website.

Module 9 – Working With Listwire & Creating Your Optin Page On Your Free Site for List Building

  • You will set up your listwire auto-responder and integrate your free report with listwire.
  • Listwire is a free and easy way to increase the efficiency of your affiliate website by using Listwire’s auto-responder.
  • When making an automated response, be sure to make it polite and informative.
  • Create email submission boxes for perspective buyers to request a free report.

Module 10 – Traffic Generation Overview

  • Find out how to make your affiliate website bring in traffic.
  • Have a few articles, 400+ words, posted on your website to give it a more professional appearance and increase traffic.
  • Social bookmarking is a viable approach to increasing traffic for your site.
  • Create other blogs to funnel traffic back to your affiliate website.

These modules run up to Module 26. There is a lot of stuff to learn….

Dating Secrets – PUO


“Finally You Can Now Learn From The Expert Revealing The Secret Techniques & Strategies To Positively Achieving Great Success In Your Dating Experience Without Any Disappointment & Failure!”

Here is what you’ll learn:

  • Starting Your First Date
  • Places and Ways to Find Your Dates
  • Meeting a Date Inadvertently
  • Important Factors About Dating
  • Factors That Indicate a Bad Date
  • Factors That Indicate a Good Date

You will also learn things like:

  • How to Identify Dating Status?
  • Determining Whether a Date is Losing Interest
  • Determining Whether Dating is Worth Continuing
  • How to Keep In Touch With Your Date?
  • The Do’s and Don’ts on Dating
  • Reasons Having Multiple Dates May Work for You


The Truth About Squidoo – MRR & Giveaway Rights


“Power Crash Course For Squidoo – A Marketer’s Powerful Tool!”

The purpose of this Report on Squidoo is:

  • Give you exact steps on how to use Squidoo to launch your current business realistically
  • Get your lenses published in a way that Squidoo will approve and reward handsomely
  • Show you where Squidoo is headed – and many marketers are in for a big surprise Just the way Google is going after affiliate marketers, exact match domains etc. Squidoo is getting on the bandwagon as well
  • Best Practices That Squidoo Will Reward – you have to follow this advice. If you do you will get trophies, rewards, accolades from the community, eventual top contributor status; THEN the real money starts

How To Profit With PLR – PUO or MRR

“How To Break Into Almost Any Niche NOW By Using Quality PLR”

Today I’m Handing You A Blueprint On A Silver Platter In This 17 Video Set!

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover in my new downloadable video course:

  • How to make money with PLR
  • Why using PLR is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money
  • Choose a massively profitable niche to enter
  • Where to find lots of PLR products
  • How to pick high quality PLR material
  • How to make a couple of crucial changes that boost your profits
  • What a money making sales funnel looks like
  • How to setup a profitable sales funnel
  • How to setup a squeeze page that gets signups
  • How to craft an OTO that makes sales
  • How to plugin an upsell to maximize your profits
  • How to get all of the traffic you could ever want
  • How to scale this business up
  • How and where to get the help you might need
  • Some recommended resources for the tools you might need

It’s illegal to add MRR to a membership site, however, you can buy MRR for $1 from the cart here.

EZ Article Creator – MRR

ez article creator

“Add more subscribers to your list, produce more highly targeted, ready to buy visitors and build your name brand all at the same time — with almost no effort from you. This is the one tool online that could literally turbo boost your internet business over night.”

What This Amazing Software Does:

  • This software will walk you through the entire article creation process — step by step. Simply fill in a few fields and let the EZ Article Creator do the rest.
  • Normally, for such a piece of software this awesome, I would charge $37, but, for a limited time, you can download this software for just $7 USD!
  • That’s right, I said seven stinking bucks! You and I both know that you’ll probably spend more than double that on a pizza and a beer tonight.
  • Plus, to make this deal even sweeter, I’m going to throw in resale rights too, so you can start making money by selling this highly in-demand software while keeping all of the profits for yourself!

How To Do Everything With Your EZ Ebook Templates – MRR


“If You Have Ever Wanted To Use An EZ Ebook Template But Had No Idea How To Get Started…Then THIS Is The Instruction Manual You Must Have To Kick Your Templating Into High Gear! “

In fact, just so you know this is the ‘real deal’ here is what you’ll get on the inside:

  • How To Open An EZ Ebook Template
  • How To Edit Headers & Footers
  • How To Create New Headers & Footers Inside Your Text Document
  • How To Add Elements To Your Header
  • How To Add Elements To Your Footer
  • How To Add Background Graphics To Headers & Footers
  • How To Add & Edit Background Graphics
  • How To Add A Background To A New Text Document
  • How To Change A Background In Any EZ Ebook Template
  • How To Edit An EZ Ebook Template Background
  • How To Add Your Ebook Content
  • Adding Plain Text Content To EZ Ebook Templates
  • Adding Images To Your Content Inside EZ Ebook Templates
  • How To Edit & Add New Chapters
  • Edit Existing Chapters and Sub Chapters
  • Adding New Chapters and Sub Chapters
  • How To Edit or Add New Table of Contents
  • How To Edit an Existing Table of Contents
  • How To Create a Brand New Table of Contents

Solar Power Sensation – RR


 “Cash In On Clickbank With the Solar Energy Niche!”

The package contains:

  • Beginners guide to solar energy
  • Going green 101
  • keeping your home energy efficient
  • Renewable Energy basics
  • Saving energy in your home

CB Goliath WP Plugin – PUO


“Easy-to use WordPress plugin creates profitable Clickbank affiliate blogs in just 4 minutes! 100% guaranteed!”

How CB Goliath Works:

  • Step 1: Enter your keywords, select Clickbank category, fill in your Clickbank affiliate id, select how many posts you want to be added to your blog per week and click a button.
  • Step 2: CB Goliath will then: Go to the Clickbank marketplace, find the products that match the criteria you entered, visit each merchant’s site one by one, retrieve the title, meta keywords, meta description and text from the salesletter and then create a post on your WordPress blog for each one of the products
  • Step 3: There’s no step 3. Everything is already done!

Adwords Direct Response V2 – PUO


“There Is A Simple Formula For Converting Sales Pages On Adwords & I’ve Been Using It For Over 8 Years To Consistently Convert My Products At Over 1% And Never Pay More Than $0.07 – $0.20 Cents Per Click!”

“Adwords Direct Response” is split up into 3 Parts, each one teaching you an important aspect of setting up Profitable Adwords Campaigns:

  • Part 1: “Buyer Keyword” Research – This is the foundation of a profitable campaign, it all starts with the keywords you choose to bid on and how they relate to what you’re selling.
  • Part 2: Campaign settings / setup – Choosing the right settings for your campaign can mean the difference between a campaign that generates sales and one that just wastes your money. In fact, many campaigns are Doomed from the very start just because of 1 setting being chosen incorrectly.
  • Part 3: Writing Ad Copy –  There is a very specific formula for writing Ads that will drive traffic to a Sales page, because the type of person you want to attract with you Ad is the type of person who is likely to buy your product. Most people believe traffic quantity is the way to go, with Sales Pages Quality in priority number 1.


Premium FB Timeline Covers Pack 2 – PUO


“Put Together Great Looking FB Timeline Covers With These Professional and Fully Editable PSD Templates! * Those without Photoshop or PS Elements will get “web ready” graphics with no text in JPEG format – so you can use ANY graphics editor!”



Exactly what you get…

  • Layered PSD Templates -You get all of these Premium FB Timeline Cover templates I showed you above, in layered PSD format… so you can edit each part of the template – add your own text, logos, images, change the colors, move things around, mix and match different elements from different templates together, etc.. You can use these PSD templates with Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.
  • ‘Web Ready” JPEG graphics without text – If you don’t have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, you can still use these graphics. I’m also including these same templates in “web ready” format that you can open in ANY graphics editor. And since there is no text on these JPEGs, you can type in what ever you want using your favorite graphics editor.
  • List of fonts used – You’ll also get a full list of all the fonts used on these templates.

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