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Create And Profit From Niche Video Sharing Sites – PLR

"See how creating niche video sites for free can make you a steady income. This is completely scalable."

Here is just some of what you will learn:

  • How to easily set up your niche video site for free.
  • How to completely automate the content.
  • How to properly monetize the site.
  • How to drive free targeted traffic to get things going.
  • and lots more…


Optimize Sites For Mobile Devices – PLR

"If your web site is not optimized for mobile viewing you are losing a huge chunk of potential customers.

I will show you how to easily get your site ready."

Here is just some of what you will learn:

For static websites

  • How to use a free tool to do 70% of the conversion for you
  • How to tweak your site for best results
  • How to automatically route mobile devices to the proper version.


  • How to optimize WordPress Blogs Easily.
  • and so much more…


SEO Basics – Tips For Small Business Owners – PLR

Whether you've created a website already or are planning to create one in the near future, you know that's only half the battle. The other half is getting your website found in the search engines in hopes of attracting those interested in the type of products or services you offer.

Although there are a variety of ways to get your website found, this report focuses on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Through effective SEO tactics, you can improve your search engine rankings for important terms, gain more traffic and do more business.

As I'm routinely asked to give SEO advice/tips, I decided to put my thoughts to paper. The resulting articles have been compiled to create this report. Because of this, you may see some "overlap" in the information presented.

Before I dive into the SEO tips, I'll give you my definition of both SEO and SEM. I'll also cover some of the most common SEO terms and give you explanations in plain English. This knowledge will help set the stage for everything that follows.


How To Develop A Positive Mindset And A Solid Plan – PLR

I sent my Internet Marketing Success report to one of my most successful coaching students and asked him to review it. He told me he got a lot from the report, but wished I had included specific action steps as it pertains to mindset and goal setting. So, I took his advice and ran with it. I truly hope this helps you see more (and faster) success than you ever thought possible!


  • April 30, 2011
  • PLR

Public Domain Profits – MRR

NOTE: Includes the main product (an ebook) as well as the audio and video upsells.

"There Is A Near Unlimited Amount Of Content Floating Around Out There In The Mythical Space Known As The Public Domain!"

Inside of this ground breaking ebook you'll discover:

  • A simple system you can use to quickly and easily determine if particular piece of content is in the public domain or not
  • One trick you can use to make money from a book in the public domain without having to make any changes at all to the book itself
  • How adding the most miniscule amount of your own content to a public domain work can allow you to claim it as your own and make even more money 
  • Why breaking up public domain content into bite sized chunks may be the most effective use for it in your business, and how to do it fast
  • How to take 2-4 books out of the public domain and create an entire membership website, where you get paid over and over again, month after month
  • How you can use public domain content as a limitless source for your article marketing, video marketing, and blog marketing efforts
  • A stupidly simple way to create entirely new products from scratch by joining two or more public domain works together
  • How to take a public domain work and change it into a video or audio product, so that you can charge 10-15 times more than if you were selling it as a book 
  • How to transform the web's major search engines into your public domain slave, getting them to serve you high quality public domain content at your demand
  • My super exclusive list of public domain websites that I reference time and again to source content
  • The two words you can use to increase the power of your marketing for your public domain content by leaps and bounds 
  • How you can cheaply turn a digital public domain work into a printed book and charge twice as much for the same information
  • Why using public domain content may be the most powerful way to inject your mailing list with explosive growth
  • And much, much more!


Inner Game Mastery Hypnosis Audio – PLR

"Now You Can Build Unstoppable Inner Game"

 Have you noticed that other men just seem to have all the breaks? We are talking about the ability to approach women easily and confidently.

Well, we are here to tell you that you can learn the secrets and skills necessary to unlock your own personal power. You will discover how to use that powerful self-confidence to exercise control over your circumstances and influence others in your personal as well as professional life!


The Bucket List – MRR

The Bucket List: – Discover How To Do The Things That Give You The Most Meaning In Your Life

Make a choice: income, health, physical vitality, beauty, creative thinking, Acknowledgement, power, risky venture, contentment, accomplishment, self-expression, confidence, love, serenity, Nirvana.

Would you like any of these? If you're like most individuals today, you likely want all of these.


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