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Business Tools Mastery Video Series – PLR

Announcing The Brand New, 8 Part, Step By Step Video Course That Shows You:

"Finally, Learn How to Increase Your Business Productivity, Improve Your Time Management, Improve Group Collaboration, And Much More…So You Can Run Your Online Business More Efficiently With Free Tools…Starting Today!"

Here's a list of this 8 part video series in more detail:

Video #1 – Introduction to Business Tools

As the title states, this video will prepare you for what’s to come in this video series.  By knowing what to expect, you will be able to speed up your learning process, so you can implement what you’ve learned quickly and easily.  You will learn why it’s necessary to find the “right” tools, and how it all works. 


Video #2 – Email Organization

Just as the title states, this video will be about organizing your emails.  When you run an online business, email is going to be your primary communication platform.  In that case, you need to make sure that you have all your emails organized so that you can find them quickly and easily.  Disorganization brings you closer to failure and in this video you will learn how to save time with a few tips and tricks.


Video #3 – Email Centralization

Email Centralization?  By this we mean, the act of centralizing your emails into one account.  If you’re like me, you may have five or more websites.  If you don’t have a helpdesk, then each of these websites will have their own custom email.  With the increase of websites, comes the increase of separate email addresses.  But did you know that you can make all the emails come into one email box, and when you email out, make it look like you’re emailing from that specific address?  This tricks makes it convenient for you, by saving you time, without losing any professionalism.  More on that in this video.


Video #4 – Free Google Tools

There are tons of re Free Google Tools, however which ones can really help you in terms of business productivity?  Obviously we cannot cover every single tool Google offers, however you will learn which ones can truly help your business, that we have tested and found to work for us.


Video #5 – Saving Time and Speeding Up Tasks

Did you know that what takes you one month, could probably be done in one week?  Or one week into a day?  And so forth?  Over the years, I have invested in tons of time saving ebooks, audio books, and even software.  Guess what?  Most of them were ineffective.  However, in the last 3 years I have been able to do exact as mentioned previously.  But how?  In this video, you will learn how to save time by speeding up the completion of your tasks.  Really, it’s not that hard.  In fact once I reveal this to you, it’s guaranteed to save you time if you follow it correctly.


Video #6 – Online Time Management

Not to get confused with Video #5, this video covers online time management.  There are tons of distractions online and you know exactly what I mean.  You’re online trying to work, but you get distracted by Facebook or Youtube.  You’ve been there and done that.  It’s easy to tell yourself that you don’t want to do it, but still do it.  That’s why, in this video, you will learn how to track what you are doing online, whether it is truly productive, and get rid of the distractions for good.  


Video #7 – Group Collaboration Tools

Group collaboration is important, when you are dealing with business partners, joint ventures, or even for communication with your Virtual Assistants.  There are tons of tools out there and I’ve invested a lot money, but after years of losing money, I found a couple that have really done an amazing job, yet are free or cheap.  In this video, I will reveal that information to you and how to use these tools to increase your group collaboration communications and productivity levels.


Video #8 – Communication Tools

Finally, you have reached the final video.  In this video, you will learn about certain communication tool that make or break your communication efficiency.  Obviously by now you will notice that I have focused a lot on communication.  This is because a decentralized communication system is often one of the many reasons why businesses fail.  You’ll learn more about that in this video. 


Important Note: Your PLR (Private Label Rights) to these videos are NON TRANSFERABLE. That means you can slap your name on them, however, you CANNOT pass on PLR rights to anyone else!

You receive both Flash Videos and AVI Videos


Publish On Amazon’s Kindle Platform – PLR

Multipart Video Series

"Learn How You Can Publish Your Ebook To The Amazon Kindle Platform For Absolutely No Cost."

Here is just some of what you will learn:

  • How to properly format your ebook
  • How to set up your product
  • How to use Kindle Digital Publishing
  • Advanced traffic strategies 
  • and much more…..


Create Facebook Fan Pages (updated for iframes) – PLR

Multipart Video Series

"Learn How To Properly Set Up Your Facebook Fan Page To Take Advantage Of The Traffic & Profit Potential."

Here is just some of what you will learn:

  • How to get started with fan pages
  • How to customize your page
  • How to create customcontent for additional pages
  • How to add content using iframes
  • and so much more…


Social Network Marketing Extreme – MRR

Includes: eBooks & Audio

"Now You Can ALSO Drive Tons Of Traffic And FINALLY Make HUGE Online Profits By Discovering All The *SECRETS* of Social Network Marketing Domination…"

This course is a complete comprehensive ecourse that will reveal everything you need to know to about social network marketing, how to become an instant authority in your field and how to harness the power of social networking sites to become a successful internet marketer that can boost his profits easily.                                 

Here’s a peek into what you will discover, when you download the “Social Network Marketing" ecourse:

  • What Social Network Marketing is and how it works.
  • What makes social network marketing different to convensional marketing.
  • The benefits of social network marketing for your business.
  • Types of social networks that you can use to market your websites.
  • The impact of social influence on your online business.
  • How to use the next big sales channel make more money online.

This comprehensive eCourse full of secret tips will also reveal: 

  • How to mine social networks for HUGE profits.
  • Making use of the usage patterns of social networking sites to get more traffic.
  • Marketing tools that you need to have.
  • Key points that are VERY Important for successful internet marketers.
  • The future of social network marketing and how to use it to your benefit.
  • And much, much more…


Claim Back Your Ex – MRR

Includes: eBook plus eCourse

"How To Claim Back Your Ex And Re-Ignite That Missing Spark In Your Relationship"

  • Learn how self reflection can make for a great learning experience for the next stage in your growth and personal development and how it can help strengthen and fortify your future relationships.
  • Discover the Top 10 Mistakes to avoid if you genuinely want your ex back in your life.  Failure to grasp these could keep your relationship in hibernation mode.
  • Learn to know when to make the first move without coming on too strong.
  • How to create a new beginning and discover each other all over again and how getting to know each other all over again can be the perfect start to a new and improved relationship.
  • Know when the right time is to have “the talk”, if your situation doesn’t fall into these urgent categories then do it later than sooner.

It Will Also Provide You With Information That Will: Guide You In Positive Decision Making Processes To Help You.

  • You’ll have at your fingertips the information you need to capture your ex’s undivided attention by honing your flirting skills and by making all the right moves.
  • How to re-ignite the lost spark in your relationship. Every relationship over time loses that initial attraction that drew you both together in the first place. Find out how to re-gain it and to keep that re-ignited flame burning brightly for good this time.
  • Most importantly you’ll also discover how to get your ex to fall in love with you all over again. Get the tips on how to win them over and to keep them this time.
  • And plenty more…


Time Management For The Entrepreneur – MRR

"The Super Time Management Secrets Of Successful Entrepreneurs Finally Exposed!"

This zero-fluff in-depth guide is 45 pages of pure actionable content that is going to transform you from a clock slave into an automatic time management master.

Inside of this incredible resource you will discover:

  • The real truth behind what time management really is, and why its the most potent weapon in an entrepreneur's arsenal.
  • How to identify and totally annhilate the distractions that are causing you to lose income each and every day.
  • Why disorganization is sucking productivity from your day like a spider sucks the life from its victims, and how you can get this under control.
  • How to push through, obliterate, and eliminate the time leeching obstacle of procrastination, now you too can never face this deadly time killer again by using this proven method.
  • Whether or not multi-tasking really makes you more productive, you won't believe the answer to this one!
  • How bad time habits are making off with your money like a thief in the night, and how you can setup your time management security system to protect your money!
  • How you can pull the out the curtain from under your bad time habits and expose them for the ugly profit sucking monsters they really are.
  • The hands down, easiest and most simplistic way that you can begin saving time right now.
  • How to correctly use the potent power lying dormat in goal setting to transform yourself into a entrepreneurial behemoth able to accomplish more in a single day than most others can in a week.
  • The proper way to use planning to get things done because more than likely you've been doing it all wrong all along!
  • How to figure out the best working times for you, and I can guarantee, that it won't always be nine to five, or even eight hours per day.
  • What the good time habits are, and how you can easily and quickly replace your bad time habits with them.

And much, much more!

As you can see, I've pulled out all the stops and I've made this the most invaluable resource that you will ever find on the subject, and best of all I've written it specifically with the entrepreneur in mind.


How to Outsource to Grow Your Business – MRR

Includes: eBook & Audio

"HOW do you outsource? WHERE do you go? WHAT kind of jobs can be outsourced?"

If you really want to get things done, you must leverage on a team of people. This audio ebook will teach you how to find all the best people to build your business, and your profits, for you!

Here's What You'll Learn Inside this Audio eBook:

  • Why you should outsource;
  • How to find professionals to outsource your work to and selecting the right person;
  • How much should you pay?
  • Getting your job done;
  • Important steps in online business evolution;
  • And much, much more!


Understanding Outsourcing – PLR

NOTE: This is an eCourse, not an ebook.

"The Understanding Outsourcing course was specifically designed to show even absolute beginners how outsourcing can be used to reduce workload, save time and increase profits."

With this series you will receive 5 preformatted email lessons that have quick and easy to understand information that you and your subscribers can start using to immediately impact your business! The "Understanding Outsourcing" package contains everything you need to start using and selling it right away!


  • A copy of this sales page
  • 1 ready to go download page
  • 5 customizable lessons
  • 1 ready to go squeeze page
  • 1 ready to go thank you page
  • A complete graphic package
  • + the editable PSD graphics


Kickass Offline Profits – PLR

NOTE: Includes Powerpoint template and script for you to create your own video.

If you haven’t noticed that offline marketing is the place to get rich in the next 12-24 months then you haven’t been paying attention! The amount of businesses that are literally waiting to throw money at you is absolutely disgusting!


WP Auto Links – MRR & Giveaway Rights

"Now You Can INSTANTLY Monetize ANY Keyword Phrase On Your WordPress Blog Within Seconds"

Perhaps you have a WordPress blog with tons of content but you've never actually done anything to make money from that content.. Or maybe you have an auto-blog that has new content being added every day and getting a ton of traffic?

You find a product that is perfect for your niche and want to add some affiliate links to it throughout your blog. Normally this would take HOURS to go through even a small blog, and forget about trying to keep up with the new content that is being added by an auto-blog.

The new WP Auto Links makes this process a snap…


Simply choose a keyword or keyword phrase that you wish to convert to an affiliate link.


Hunt out your affiliate link and paste it into the space provided.


Head over to your blog and watch as EVERY ONE of those keyword phrases is linked directly to your affiliate link!


Rinse and repeat for as many keywords or keyword phrases as you want!


Super Affiliate Commissions – MRR

"Introducing Super Affiliate Commissions…
Secrets Of The Super Affiliate Minds Revealed!"

Here's A More Detailed Look At My Step-By-Step Course:


Module 1: Secrets Of The Super Affiliate Minds

• Discover the 5 cutting-edge difference between super affiliates and average affiliates!

• Secret traits of a Super Affiliate!

• A systematic approach to building a hugely profitable online empire consisting of nothing more than other people's products!

Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!


Module 2: Identifying A Profitable Niche

• Easy ways to spy on your competition and decide within minutes before entering any hot niche!

• Top 3 profitable niches you can never go wrong with (h ____, w_____, r___________)

• Tools you need to pick out really profitable niches with the highest chance of making money!

Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!


Module 3: How To Pick Highly Profitable Affiliate Programs

• A little known method to uncover rare affiliate programs with high percentage / high price payouts!

• "The Smell Test" – how to quickly decide if the product is worth promoting… before you put in an ounce of your effort!

• Two highly popular places where you can pick up some of the best products on the planet to promote for massive commissions!

Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!


Module 4: Your Residual Affiliate Profit Funnel

• A tried and tested model you can construct from scratch, with little technical knowledge, to start sucking in targeted leads like a vacuum on steroids!

• How to convert 20-40% of your visitors into targeted prospects!

• How to maximize your sales for every one-time effort you put in to drive traffic to your pages!

• HOW TO TEST THE WATERS: quickly measure the conversions of a merchant site before promoting full-steam ahead!

• How to back-end your affiliate profits! This is rarely done by most affiliates, and this is one of the little things that distinguish super affiliates from the rest of the average ones!

• How to revive your prospects list even if they don't buy the affiliate product you recommend… and cash in twice as much!

Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!


Module 5: Super Affiliate Traffic Methods

In this module, I show you exclusively how to drive in an avalanche of traffic to your affiliate pages using nothing more than Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and easy Search Engine Optimization! Sure there are plenty more ways to drive in traffic, but if you want to see quick results and effective bottom-line, this is it!

Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!


Public Speaking Extraordinaire – MRR

"Discover How To Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking, Hold Your Audience Spellbound, Empower People To Answer Your Offers Instantly… And Master It All In Just 3 Days"

Here's A More Detailed Look At My Step-By-Step Course:


Session #1: 6 Steps To Eliminating "Stage Fright" Syndrome"

• 4 totally unique ways you can use your new-found public speaking charm to enhance other areas of your life! Health, Wealth, Relationships… you name it!

• 6 easy, newbie-friendly steps to overcome your fear of public speaking and stage fright! Follow my easy, systematic approach to remove fear and anxiety when you speak in front of small or large audience – broken into six easy steps!

• EAST vs WEST IDEALS – traditional Asian families punish their children for making mistakes while outgoing Westerns accept that mistakes are part of growing up. How many untrained speakers really, really view themselves when speaking on stage!

• THE TRUTH ABOUT PEOPLE AND THEIR MEMORIES – how to overcome embarrassing moments with ease and less punishment on yourself!

• The 4 levels of competency in public speaking

• How to convert physical symptoms of stress, fear and anxiety into positive energy!

• And much, much more!

Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!


Session #2: GOAL SETTING – How To Deliver A Simple But High Impact Message

• The 3 'M's in defining your speech goal! M _ _ _ _ _ + M _ _ _ _ _ + M _ _ _ _ _ _

• C _ _ _ T_ A_ _ _ _ _ is what separates the highly successful, highly profitable speakers from the rest of their mediocre counterparts!

• How to create your very own high impact, highly compelling speech presentation in 30 minutes or less!

• The 4 secret elements of a powerful, captivating speech REVEALED!

• How to employ the speech drafting technique in 3 easy steps!

• And much, much more!

Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!


Session #3: How To Become A Public Speaking Extraordinaire In 3 Days

• How to go ZERO TO HERO in public speaking – and do it all in just 3 days!

• THE INTROVERT MYTH BUSTED: scientific explanation shows that introverts stand as much of a chance to be public speaking heroes as their extrovert counterparts!

• GOAL SETTING for awesome speeches in 3 easy steps!

• How to structure a hypnotic speech in 5 easy steps!

• How to develop and train your facial expression, body language and tone of voice for public speaking superstardom!

• ANTI-COPYCAT TACTICS: 4 ways you can instantly distinguish yourself from other speakers and stage competitors!

• THE TOTAL BRAIN FART ELIMINATION: how to easily overcome embarrassingly silent moments when you experience 'blank outs' in your mind!

• And much, much more!

Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!


Session #4: Secret Techniques To Compelling Speaking For Beginners

• Your secondary role as a speaker

• Turn PASSIVE attention to ACTIVE attention – how to get your audience to jump to life and spellbound them to your speech in awe!

• Further Power Tips in improving your speech after the 3-day program!

• How to handle audience and people of different personality temperaments – ranging from Q & As, argumentive audience, impromptu situations, and much more.

• THE ART OF BACK-END SELLING: this section is going to be of interest to anyone who is involved in the Sales line. 🙂

• And still so much more!

Flash Video + MP3 Audio + PDF Transcript Included!


Fast Track Cash – MRR

This is an Ewen Chia product and includes ebook and videos.

"Here's The FASTEST, EASIEST And LAZIEST Way To Massive Cash Online – With NO Experience, No Website And NO Product!"

Here's just a tiny taste of what you'll discover with my step-by-step techniques:

  • The immediate way to cash in on Fast Track Cash…I mean you really could be seeing cash within hours (that's not a guarantee, but it's not crazy either).
  • How to start seeing profits without doing 99% of the stuff most marketers have to wade through (I'll show you how to automate nearly everything).

  • One website that can have you making 75% of every product sale in minutes…and these products sell like there's no tomorrow.
  • Your foolproof traffic approach that can drive as many prospects as you want to just about any offer out there (this is the proven, flexible method I use to rake in the cash like you wouldn't believe).
  • My "insider" technique for getting as much traffic as you can handle from brief, easy-to-write material posted all over the web, without writing until your hands go numb.
  • The one marketing fact you absolutely must know if you want to make any money at all from content you publish online.
  • Your single purpose with any content you put out there (most people miss this, and pass up enough money to retire).

  • The two "secret" spots to submit material that will almost guarantee a flood of free, highly targeted traffic from massive search engines like Google.
  • A simple way to automate getting your traffic magnets out there, so you can get an avalanche of traffic without feeling like YOU got crushed by that avalanche.

  • An easy 4-step technique that will protect what you earn, and keep profit thieves from swiping the money that's rightfully yours (yes, it happens, but you can avoid it).
  • My little domain secret that can force Google, Yahoo and other traffic powerhouses to shower you in scads of visitors from day one.
  • How to "repurpose" any content you create so you can essentially do the work once and profit from it in multiple ways (this one technique can generate MASSIVE traffic within a few days).
  • My personal list of seven proven "announcement" outlets that can get you amazing levels of traffic (I keep this list quiet, but you'll get full access to it).
  • Your very own multimedia traffic strategy that you can use even if you think you're a multimedia dunce.

  • The raw traffic power of a little known, sort of secret blogging technique, and why it might be your traffic secret weapon.

  • My personal strategy for using other people's sites to funnel unimaginable traffic to any site you choose (the sites you'll get your traffic from are monsters, and search engines love them).
  • The easy way to get as much content as you want without spending a ton of money or time to get it.
  • A simple, proven strategy for getting huge traffic from today's hottest social networks, without getting anybody at those networks upset with you (it's easy, once you know what I'll tell you).

There's a bunch more where that came from. I've barely scratched the surface of what's inside Fast Track Cash.

This is a complete set of techniques. You don't need anything else.


Viral Traffic System – PUO

"Literally Be One of the FIRST Smart Marketers To Uncover A Killer New Autopilot System For Leveraging High Authority Social Media Sites & Blogging for Massive Traffic and Exposure!"


This autopilot traffic system won't cost you anything to setup as I show you step-by-step how to set this all up 100% for free! All you need for this to work is your own blog and that can be installed for free even! So you are getting a turn key traffic solution that won't cost you anything, but will send your site traffic until you shut it off!

Once the system is setup every time you make a new blog post it will go to work for you and start generating traffic and backlinks to your blog post within hours after your post went live!


20 IM Reports with PLR – PLR

"20 Internet Marketing Reports With Full Private Label Rights"

57 Email List Building Tips 

Big Money From Podcasting 

Facebook and Social SEO (Twitter too) 

Google AdWords Remarketing Campaign 

Googles New Local Search SERP 

Googles Search Engine SHAKE UP 

How To Get Listings On Local Search Engines 

How To Get More Traffic With Twitter Lists 

How To Make Affiliate Money in 2011 

How To Use Googles Search Based Keyword Tool 

Link Building Secrets 

Little Known Old School Tactics That Get Mass Traffic 

MSN-Yahoo Search COLLIDE – How You Can Profit 

Pay Per View Trafic Secrets 

Perfspot Traffic Secrets 

Press Release Traffic Secrets 

SEO is Dead and What To Do About It 

Targeting Your SEO Landing Pages Demographic Profile 

Video SEO For Top Search Engine Rankings 

YouTube Insights for Audience 


The Financial Freedom Series! – MRR

"It Is Time To Fight Back! Right Now, You Will Have All The Tools You Will Ever Need To Master The Art Of Being Financially Free!"

Bundle Of 5 E-books In A Series

This powerful financial series is very important for anyone who wants to pursue a lifestyle of wealth creation the right way…

With these powerful books at your disposal, you will not lack a single thing when it comes to understanding how money works…

In These Books, You Will Learn:

  • All about the fundamentals of true financial empowerment! Gone are the days of thinking like a poor person's mindset. It is time to change that way of thinking so that you will truly attract wealth in your hands…
  • How financial management in the 21st century has changed and why the speed of trust is more important than ever!
  • Find out what works today and what doesn't work when you invest your money wisely. Learn to avoid the pitfalls of greedy investors who are not financially prudent with their money management
  • The techniques on how to manage your debt wisely so that you will know the difference between good debt and bad debt.
  • Remove all the toxins and poisons from your financial system and learn why the rich only associate with other rich people and why being poor will only reinforce your poverty mentality!
  • Learn the art of residual income and investment and have your money work for you while you are sleeping.
  • Help other people to discover their hidden potential as well because it is better to teach a man how to fish rather than give them a fish.
  • The most important tool how by doing _____________ will change your financial destiny forever!
  • And so much more!


The Home Business, Marketing And Opportunities Series! – MRR

"Discover How You Can Have A University Education's Worth Of Understanding The Best Business Opportunities And Learn How To Market Like A Pro!"

Bundle Of 5 E-books In A Series

This powerful Home Business, Marketing And Opportunities Series contains valuable information on Forex, guru branding, lucrative business opportunities, home business opportunities and even online opportunities.

In These Books, You Will Learn:

  • All about the basics of understanding how business opportunities work. Take FOREX trading for example – it is a cut throat business… but if you can master the techniques, riches are a sure thing for you!
  • How marketing in the 21st century has changed business opportunities drastically…
  • What are all the important things you need to know when it comes to choosing the most suitable business models and learn which business opportunities are obsolete and what are suitable for your character!
  • The techniques on how to create unlmited income streams and break your mental barriers when it comes to building wealth for the long run.
  • Creative methods when it comes to integrating your business opportunity with your lifestyle. You don't wanna over-stretch yourself and neither do you want to be a lazy business opportunity junkie
  • Overcome the 'starter kit' syndrome by working on something enough to gain a valuable skill. Most people quit before learning anything and that is bad.
  • Powerful tips and strategies on spending and saving your hard earned money and how to sniff out the rotten eggs in the business opportunity world.
  • The most critical mind set you must change if you want to survive in this industry in the long run!
  • And so much more!


How To Can Tangy Tomatoes Yourself – MRR

Includes: eBook and Audio

"Interested In Canning Juicy Tomatoes? Here's How You Can Prepare Canned Tomatoes At Home."

Highlights of How to can tangy tomatoes yourself:

  • Is canning tomatoes a labor intensive job?
  • Things that you would require to can tomatoes
  • Step by step instructions to can tomatoes
  • In what ways are canned tomatoes helpful?
  • Myths about canned tomatoes
  • Some tips and tricks on canning
  • Are canned tomatoes healthy?


Think Green, Act Green – MRR

Includes: eBook and Audio

"All Game For Green Living? Here's How You Can Make This Planet Worth Living For Your Grand Children!"

Highlights of – A complete 'Think Green, Act Green' Handbook for earth-friendly people:

  • How can 'eat – drink – think green' make a difference?
  • How can the policy of 'zero waste, full recycle' help?
  • Eco-friendly fashion for ecological wellbeing
  • The emerging concept of 'Green offices'
  • Green travel and communication for a greener world
  • Adopting green lifestyle and furnishings


KompoZer 4 Newbies Video Series – PUO

If I can show you where to find an "open source" software program (that means it's free) and show you how to use it and have your first website built TODAY would you be interested?

The "Kompozer4Newbies" video tutorials have successfully taken the pain of learning webpage editing away and helped many, many people get up and running… fast!

Here's What's Inside The KompoZer 4 Newbies Video Series:

Video #1. Finding & Installing the Software

In video 1, find out where and how to get this free software and install it onto your computer

Video #2. Controlling Your Website Layout

Learn how to prepare your webpage ready to display your content in a neat and easy to follow format.

Video #3. Adding Text & Media

Through video 3 you'll see how to add text and pictures to your page as well as how to format and position them.

Video #4. Creating Navigational Links

Learn how to quickly produce multiple webpages and link them together using hyperlinks.

Video #5. How To Insert Video Into Your Pages

Keep your readers interested in your site and add video,  it's quick, easy and adds real value to your website.

Video #6. CSS part I:  Elements of Type

This first of three videos which introduce you to CSS deal with elements of type.  Here you'll learn how to format regular text, including that important H1 tag that the search engines pay so much attention to.

Video #7. CSS part II:  Elements of Class

Just taking what you learn in video 6 a bit further you will be shown how to define your own formatting so as to give your sites that unified look.

Video #8. CSS part III:  Custom Styles

Here we go just a little deeper into the CSS and you'll see how to add rollover effects to your hyperlinks so as to make you navigation more obvious and attractive.

Video #9. Going Live

Once you have completed your website all that remains is to get it to your web host for the world to see.  This is done with free and easy to use 'FTP'  software as you'll see here.


Beyond Cool Minisites – MRR

"Grab one of these great looking internet marketing templates with the cool 3D banners, strip off all the stuff you don't want and add your own text and graphics."

50 minisite templates, in over 25 different niches, that you can use to your hearts content. I designed these templates with one thing in mind, to give you all the room you need, to create the type of sales page you want.

These are what I call your basic starter templates. I created them with the bare minimum amount of graphics so that you can use your own imagination and start to edit them any way you like! If you want to you can either leave the graphics just the way they are or load them up inside of Photoshop, or and change the graphics the way you want.

Now I don't want to bore you with a long drawn out sales pitch, my offer is pretty cut and dry! You can download all 50 of these templates right now and start putting together that fantastic looking sales page today. Why pay some graphic designer to build you a fancy looking website template, when you've got everything you need right here to make your own?


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