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Set Up Your Sales Funnel Quickly and Easily – PLR

"The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Make Money On The Internet Is To Set Up A Proper Sales Funnel. 

Automate Your Business And Watch The Cash Roll In!"

I will show you exactly how to quickly set up a proper sales funnel. 

All you have to do is follow the simple instructions in my video series.

Here is just some of what you will learn:

  • How to quickly set up a proper sales funnel
  • How to automate your processes
  • The importance of a buyers list
  • How to build a buyers list


Set Up Your Own Web Hosting Service – PLR

"Learn How You Can Set Up Your Own Hosting Service And Billing System. Get Your Piece Of The Web Hosting Pie!"

I will show you exactly how to set up your own web hosting service and free billing system.

All you have to do is follow the simple instructions in my video series.

Here is just some of what you will learn:

  • How to find hosting to sell
  • How to set up your web hosting domain
  • How to set up a free billing system
  • and much more


Spin Master Pro – MRR

"Revolutionary Software Suite almost instantly helps you create unique articles, so you get better search engine rankings, more site visitors… and make more money."

Power Tool #1:  Spin Writer Pro.

Spin Writer Pro gives you the perfect blend of the speed of auto spinning with the quality output associated with manual writing.

So what is it?

It's a specially designed editing tool with synonym look up that can generate spyntax as you go.

This means you can put the spin variations in as you write and when you're done push a button and produce loads of unique versions of the same article.

In the time it takes you to do one article you are getting twenty, fifty or even a hundred unique spun versions.


Power Tool #2 – Easy Auto Spinner.

Although I recommend that you create all your spun content using the power of Spin Writer, there are times when you just need to quickly pump out some variations of PLR articles quickly and without any manual editing.

So included in the Spin Master Pro Suite is 'Easy Auto Spinner'.

Just give Easy Auto Spinner a folder that contains PLR text files and an output folder for the spun content, decide how unique you want it to make the content and click a button. 

Just minutes later you will have fresh, unique versions of those articles ready for use.


Video Pop-in Genius – PLR

“This cutting-edge explosive new software will enable you to turn your site’s visitors into subscribers in mere seconds! Just plug your opt-in form code into the software and you’ve got an incredible subscriber grabbing video.”

Here are some of the great features of the Video Pop-In Genius!

  •  Instantly GRAB Your Visitor’s Attention.
  •  Immediately Gain Trust.
  •  Create That Vital Element Of Rapport In Mere Seconds.
  •  Visitors ‘Feel’ Like They Are Included Rather Than Targeted.
  •  Instantly Command Your Visitors The Moment They Arrive On Your Site.
  •  Drives Your Lead Capture Ratios Through The Roof!
  •  Ability To Strictly Target Your Visitor.

Autoresponder’s For Business – PLR

NOTE: This is an ecourse, not an ebook.

"Brand-New Private Label Course Lets You Easily Teach Your Subscribers How To Use Autoresponders For Business!"

With this series you will receive 5 preformatted email lessons that have quick and easy to understand information that you and your subscribers can start using to immediately impact your business! The "Autoresponder's For Business" package contains everything you need to start using and selling it right away!


  • A copy of this sales page
  • 1 ready to go download page
  • 5 customizable lessons
  • 1 ready to go squeeze page
  • 1 ready to go thank you page
  • A complete graphic package
  • + the editable PSD graphics


Blogging Guru System – MRR

"Learn How To Finally Make Money From Your Blogs And Be A Guru In Any Niche With These Step By Step Videos"

Here is what you will discover:


Video #1 – An Introduction To The System

An introduction to the system. By the end of this video we will lay out the Blogging Guru System to get you started on your way to dominating your marketplace !


Video #2 – Finding Your Niche Market

Learn How To Find The Most Profitable Niches For You To Maximize Your Blogs Earning Potential


Video #3 – Your Keyword Swipe File

Learn the keywords you should be using, as well as where and when on your blogs to get people to click your links so you get paid !


Video #4 – How To Set Up Your Blog

There are some key strategies you must know when setting up your blog. The elements and where you place them on the page are crucial to your success.


Video #5 – How To Make Money From Your Blog

In this video we discuss all the ways to make money from your blog once all the elements are in place. Now you really can blog like the guru's


Video #6 – Maximizing Your Blogging Revenue

All the elements are in place, you have your niche sorted, keywords ready and the blog elements all in place. Now is the time to put it all together to squeeze out every last drop you can from your visitors in terms of value…and cash


Video #7 – The Wrap Up

An overview of all you have learned from this course and how you can take your blogging skills to the next level for even more profits.


Drip Feed Cash – MRR

"With Drip Feed Cash you will have access to a complete guide to setting up your own profitable membership sites."

How can Drip Feed Cash help me as opposed to other “similar” products? This is a fair question to ask-after all, the market is jammed full of different Gurus all promising you work for home riches and “autopilot income” everyday.

With “Drip Feed Cash”

  • We show you exactly what you need to do before you can set up a profitable membership site. Miss this bit and your dead in the water
  • We show you why scalability is the key to success when it comes to membership sites.
  • You will discover the one element in your buyers mindset that you must get right to succeed in this business
  • What you must do to keep your members on board – so important but frequently overlooked
  • How to get other people to sell memberships for you – so that you can spend more time developing new membership sites and BUILDING your business!
  • The secret of using a physical product to beat the competition in the market without sacrificing your profit margins!
  • How to make sure your site is profitable not just be providing the raw content, but by also following some simple steps to ensure your members are happy to stay!

Call it trying to score brownie points with you, call it karma, it doesn't matter. All that matters is that you know I want to under-promise and over-deliver which is way better than a whole load of bull hype.


40 Hours To Twitter Mastery – MRR

This is a 5 part video course that anyone (even people with very little tech background) can take and follow, step by step, to get their business up and running on the incredible Twitter network.

Here are some of the powerful lessons you will learn:

  • How to create an account that gets noticed
  • A short and painless process that gets you tweeting within minutes
  • Some simple tools that will make Tweeting fun
  • How to find key influencer's to follow
  • How to get these influencer's to follow you back and network with them
  • Using Twitter to find potential prospects who need your stuff today
  • How to send Tweets that get noticed and engage new conversation
  • Setting up custom searches so you know when, where and who has been talking about problems that your business can solve
  • How to enhance your Twitter experience with automation


How To Pray With Power – MRR

"Imagine not worrying about the strength of your relationship with God. Imagine praying with confidence, knowing your prayers are heard. Imagine living a meaningful life."

14-page report entitled "How to Pray with Power". Here are a few things you'll learn in this quick read:

  • The best and, truthfully, ONLY way to begin the Christian life. 
  • The 3 fruits of God's gift to us.
  • The 9 reasons to pray. 
  • 3 secrets to praying with power.
  • How to get what you ask for when praying.
  • How to pray in the name of Christ.
  • The 2 ways to learn the Will of God. 


FB Bullseye – Non Transferable PLR

Includes: eBook, Article, Email, Promo Video, Keywords, WP Theme, PSD Files

"Imagine having your website seen by millions of people throughout the Facebook community. Imagine being able to create highly customized, TAILOR MADE advertisements that are triggered to appear only to the most targeted, active customer possible."

With our simple yet powerful step-by-step guide, you'll discover:

  • Discover the secret to creating viral Facebook fan pages that will send an unstoppable flood of traffic to your website, instantly!
  • Tap into Facebooks FREE "application center" to build highly responsive mailing lists that will instantly TRIPLE your income!
  • Exploit the simple strategy revealed in Chapter 3 and you'll instantly become a recognized name in your niche market! (no matter how competitive!)
  • Follow my fool proof, step by step guide to creating killer ad pages that will generate premium traffic to your website and pay ZERO ad costs!
  • Find out how the Internet's most successful "gurus" create viral fan pages that instantly boost their website's ranking in the major search engines! (no more fiddling around with "search engine optimization"! You'll finally be able to rank for even the most competitive keywords, easily!)
  • Create killer Facebook ads that run on auto pilot, 24 hours a day! I'll show you everything you need to do to send a non-stop blast of premium traffic to ANY landing page you choose!
  • Simple yet powerful strategies for monetizing fan pages, so you can start making money today, even if you don't have a website or product of your own!


Site Flipping Riches – MRR

Includes: eBooks and Videos

"Generate MASSIVE Paydays From Flipping Brand New Websites!”"

Video 1 – Site Flipping For Profits – Overview

The first module reveals the necessary ground work you need to do for every website so you can make them 'flippable'. Know your exit strategy before you even go on to construct your first website.

If the website cannot be automated, is attached to strongly to you as an individual or dependent on the owner, the website CANNOT be sold. This is a classic mistake website builders make and the first step is to avoid that first!


Video 2 – How To Buy Low And Sell High

The fastest way to have a website for sale is to buy one. But if you want to make a profit from it you must know how to buy low before you can sell high. I reveal how I do this 'unfair' exchange with my share of advantageous tactics to reap high profit margins… allowing you to flip websites on a massive scale!


Video 3 – How To Create Site For Profits

Just starting out? Running on a tight budget? No worries! I show you how to create websites from scratch using little cost that is next-to-nothing. This is NOT your "How to build a klutzy website 101" guide.

I always talk about the exit strategy, which is to ultimately sell your business (in this case websites). This is how all your websites will be architect from now on – programmed to be sellable and to be sold for big paydays!


Video 4 – Adding Massive Value To Your Virtual Real Estate

Website buyers look for a few key criteria and requirements before they decide if the website is worth buying over. And how would you know? The answers are in this module. Learn how to add massive value to your website or list of websites, and do it all with a small ounce of effort, time and cost on your part!


Video 5 – Online Places You Can Auction Your Sites

This is it! Discover the goldmines on the Internet and some of the best marketplaces where all your buyers are gathering, eager to buy websites with cash ready at hand! Follow this entire course sequentially and you will soon be enjoying big paydays from every website you sell and auction off!


WP Covert Linkz – MRR

"WordPress Plugin That Helps Prevent Stealing Of Commissions And Increases Clicks Through Rates As Links Appear To Be Internal To Your Domain"

Installing is a snap and using is dead drop simple:

-> Enter your link title keyword

-> Enter ANY link under the Affiliate Link Column

-> Click Save Links!

The cool thing about the plugin, it makes any link appear as if it is part of YOUR domain!

That is all there is to using the "Wordpress Covert Linkz" plugin. Once you have the link saved, you will be able to use it "anywhere", on your blog, forum signatures, or any place that you want to have covert links.


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