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Create A Power Point Presentation Using Open Office – PLR

"Brand New Video Series Shows You Exactly How To Create A Presentation (Like Power Point) Using Free Open Source Software"

Power Point Presentations Are Great Tools For Impressing Your Potential Clients, And Even For Creating Personal Projects That Really POP!

Here is just some of what you will learn:

  • How to install Open Office
  • How To Use the Presentation Suite
  • How to Use Functions
  • How To Use Callouts
  • How To Lay Out and Change Your Presentation
  • and much more.


Breathe New Life Into Old Computers With Linux Ubuntu – PLR

"Move Over Windows. – There's A New Player In Town! He Doesn't Crash Or Give You Blue Screens. He's As Fast As Lightning – And He Is FREE!"

You Don't Have To Use Windows Anymore – Even If You Are New To Computers. There Is A Rock Solid Alternative Called Ubuntu That Is Wrapped In A Windows-Like Package.

Here is just some of what you will learn:

  • How to install Ubuntu along with Windows
  • How To Use Applications
  • How To Use The System Functions
  • How To Have the (good parts) of the Windows Experience Using Ubuntu.
  • and much more.


Be Your Own Doctor – PLR

"Have you reached a point in your life when you started feeling unhealthy? Here are some useful information on how to become your own personal physician!"

Everything you need to know about how and when to be your own doctor is included in this special report:

  • The nature and cause of disease
  •   Fasting
  •   Colon Cleansing
  •   Diet and nutrition
  •   Vitamins and food supplements
  •   Helping your body to recover
  •   And much, much more!


  • August 31, 2010
  • PLR

Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes – PLR

"Have you ever ate the best chocolate cake but didn't know how to make one on your own? Here are the best chocolate and cocoa recipes available!"

While most cookbooks on the subject of cooking with chocolate claim to be the ultimate resource on the subject, they actually make it much harder to create chocolate delicacies than it actually needs to be.

Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes not only show you how to create delicious chocolate cake, cookie and pie recipes but it also teaches you the secrets behind making scrumptious chocolate home made candy recipes. Written in an easy to understand style, with no difficult or complicated instructions; Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes provides a wide variety of mouth watering recipes that are very simple to do-even if you’re a beginner.

Take a look at this sneak peak at what you’ll discover in Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes:

A spectacular array of chocolate recipes: everything from light and airy to dark and delicious. These are the perfect recipes to comfort you on a bad day as well as share with friends and family. Looking for a sophisticated dessert for that perfect evening? You’ll be sure to find just the right recipe here.

Easy recipes to create chocolate caramels, chocolate éclairs and chocolate jelly. Only you will know how simple they really are to create.

Why chocolate is actually healthy for you! Dispell all of those old myths when you learn the secrets behind the reason why chocolate can actually help to aid digestion…and much more!

The secret to making exceptional hot fudge sauce…

And much, much more!

As you can see there’s a ton of delicious, mouth watering and exciting information about chocolate in Chocolate, Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes. It’s jam packed with everything you need to know to create wonderful chocolate creations for every occasion.


  • August 31, 2010
  • PLR

Ways Of Knowing – PLR

"Always wondered if you know everything about you? Here are some useful tips to develop your self, voice and mind!"

Everything you need to know to gain development of voice and mind is included in this special report:

  • Ways Of Knowing – The Female Secrets
  •   Behind the Scene of Women’s Issues
  •   Self-development 
  •   Development of self, voice and mind
  •   Adopting a winning attitude
  •   Visionary Action
  •   How to find your voice
  •   The importance of character
  • The holistic approach
  •   How to transform the mind
  •   The road to higher awareness
  •   And Much, Much More…


  • August 31, 2010
  • PLR

The Power of Perseverance – PLR

"Ever wondered why you always give up on things? Here are some of the great advices on the power of perseverance so you will never give up ever again!"

Everything you need to know about perseverance is included in this special report:

  • Perseverance in Work
  •   Perseverance in Dieting
  •   Perseverance in Special Projects
  •   Traveling
  •   College
  •   Parenting
  •   Dealing with Death
  •   Methods for Perseverance
  • The Meaning of Perseverance
  •   Longevity
  •   Finding Direction in Life
  •   Finances
  •   Dating and Romance
  •   And much, much more…


  • August 31, 2010
  • PLR

Renegade Traffic Tactics – PLR

  • Skyrocket your profits instantly with these power packed strategies for driving unlimited traffic to your affiliate campaigns!
  • Minimize costs by exploiting powerful, free traffic magnets that will flood your campaigns with hungry, targeted buyers!
  • Find out how one free resource has the potential to send a non-stop stampede of traffic to any affiliate campaign you wish!
  • Give your affiliate campaigns an instant shot of adrenaline with these high powered traffic generation strategies!
  • And Much More!


Keyword Research Demystified – PLR

  • Simplify your keyword research and uncover some of the hottest keywords for insanely profitable markets, instantly!
  • How to determine what keywords to use within your affiliate campaigns for maximum conversions and profits!
  • What you need to know about long-tail versus short-tail keywords that will have a dramatic impact on your overall profit!
  • Quick & Easy keyword research strategies, including our top tools and resources!
  • And Much More!


Desperate Market Domination – PLR

  • Discover the simple system for uncovering the hottest niche markets online!
  • Eliminate market research by building profitable campaigns around these pre-approved desperate markets for instant cash!
  • Find out why desperate markets are so incredibly profitable and how you can dominate some of the hottest markets easily!
  • Push button easy strategies for building high profit campaigns around hyper-active markets!
  • And Much More!


Commission Swipe – PLR

  • Shocking techniques to maximizing your affiliate profits by piggybacking off million dollar launches!
  • Discover the #1 secret used by the top affiliate marketers that will instantly jack up your profits!
  • Stealth strategies to swiping commissions and dominating the hottest markets!
  • How you can quickly maximize profits with "incentive" offers designed to OVERLOAD your campaigns with hungry buyers!
  • And Much, Much More!


Affiliate Money Machine – PLR

  • Learn how to eliminate faulty campaigns and skyrocket your income instantly, with proven strategies from affiliate marketing pros!
  • Replicate the strategies of some of the most successful affiliate marketers!
  • Find out how you can set up a powerful affiliate system that will generate unstoppable commissions in killer markets!
  • Create high converting landing pages and maximize your income, effortlessly with these time-tested strategies!
  • And Much More!


7 Figure List Building – PLR

  • Set your affiliate campaigns on fire with these lightening fast list building strategies!
  • Find out how you can flood your mailing list with hyper-responsive subscribers instantly!
  • Turbo charge your profits by creating tailor-made campaigns using these simple strategies!
  • Give your affiliate campaigns an instant boost with a powerful 'automated system' designed to maximize your income, effortlessly!
  • And much, much more!


7 Habits of Highly Successful Internet Marketers – MRR

Includes both ebook and videos

"Discover The 7 Habits of the Internet Masters That You Can Use To Skyrocket Your Income!"

Inspired by Stephen Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, I’ve created a simple, step-by-step mindmap guide to show you the effective habits of the men and women who make masses of money online.

In this course, you’re going to learn how to profit online thanks to 7 habits, which, when applied, will see your business and productivity explode.

The 8 MindMap Video Series

Introduction To The 7 Habits (4mins 35secs)


Habit One

The Cornerstone to Successful Online Business (13mins 35secs)

Habit Two

The One That Guarantees Success in Anything (12mins 11secs)

Habit Three

The Lifeblood of Online Business (15mins 57secs)

Habit Four

The Reason The Masters Succeed Online (13mins 59secs)

Habit Five

How To Achieve That Effortless Income (13mins 7secs)

Habit Six

The Key To Becoming An Expert and Master of Your Market (14mins 11secs)

Habit Seven

The One That Separates The Great From The Good (12mins 43secs)


The Art Of Self Confidence – PLR

"Have you ever wondered what self confidence is all about? Here are the ultimate secrets on the art of self confidence!"

Everything you need to know about self confidence and constructive change is included in this special report:

  • Soul Searching and Exploring
  • Readjusting your Attitude
  •   Achieving Success
  •   Removing Deceptions
  •   Dealing with Fears
  •   Stress Management
  •   Releasing your Inner Powers
  •   Discovering your Inner Strength
  • Relaxation
  •   Building Self-Confidence
  •   Losing Weight in to Self-Confidence 
  •   Why should I quite smoking?
  •   Exploring You in to Self Confidence
  • Guide to Self Confidence through Soul Searching
  •   And Much, Much More…


  • August 31, 2010
  • PLR

Negotiating Essentials – PLR

"Always wanted to get a better deal but didn't have the needed negotiation skills? Here are some of the best negotiation theories!"

Everything you need to know to gain negotiating skills is included in this special report:

  • What is involved in negotiating
  •   Negotiating the purchase of a car
  •   Negotiating the purchase of real estate
  •   How to practice negotiating skills
  •   How to put negotiating skills to work in your business
  •   Using body language in negotiating
  •   How to negotiate with your family members, and keep the peace
  •   How to find negotiating skills that you can really use
  • How to make negotiating a habit
  •   How you use words when negotiating
  •   How to use eye contact when negotiating sales 
  •   Why managers need negotiation skills
  •   And much much, much more…


  • August 31, 2010
  • PLR

Digital Product Demon – MRR

"A fully automated Sales, Thank You, and Download System for PayPal, ClickBank, and EJunkie Merchants"

Digital Product Demon is a simple, easy to use plugin that does exactly what most WordPress site owners want when selling digital products from their WordPress website.

Digital Product Demon coupled with WordPress will let you:

  • Easily sell digital products with just a PayPal account – PayPal is easy to use, but it doesn't provide a way to hide your ThankYou page or protect your download links. Digital Product Demon makes it easy to do both. It'll hide your Thank You page so that only valid customers can access it and it will expire your download page and encrypt your download URLs so that your links can't be shared or posted on "pirating" forums.
  • Support multiple products in a single ClickBank Account – Digital Product Demon lets you use separate sales, thank you, and download pages for each product you define. That means that you can place multiple products in 1 ClickBank account but still display individually crafted sales pages for each product.
  • Automatically cloak your affiliate links – The benefits of cloaking affiliate links have been discussed frequently on this forum and elsewhere. Digital Product Demon's AFFILIATE mode handles this for you automagically!
  • Protects your Download Pages – Download pages can only be accessed through a link that includes the buyer's purchase information. These pages are also set to expire after a period you specify – usually 3-5 days after the purchase.
  • Protects your Download Links – create ugly, cryptic, expiring links that can't be easily shared or posted on freebie forums
  • Hide your digital product's actual URL – anyone who sees your download link won't have a clue about what your download filename is. Everything's all screwed up with numbers, letters, and special characters that don't mean a thing to anyone but YOUR software.
  • Automatically generate PayPal, ClickBank, and EJunkie payment buttons – saving you tons of time fighting PayPal's button factory or customizing your own ClickBank buttons.

Plus, because Digital Product Demon is a WordPress Plugin, it:

  • is Easy to Install – WordPress is known for its "5 minute install" and installing WordPress plugins (like the Digital Product Demon) is a cinch
  • is Easy to Maintain
  • Makes it Easy to Add Content – including new sales or review pages
  • is Super SEO Friendly – Google and Yahoo really LOVE WordPress
  • is Easy to Customize – both visually with WordPress themes and functionally with WordPress plugins.
  • Supports the largest, free, most widely used payment processor in the world (PayPal)
  • Supports the largest digital products affiliate sales network in the world (ClickBank)
  • Supports one of the largest digital products delivery sites in the world (E-Junkie)


Video Marketing Secrets – PLR

  • Why videos are a critical component in your ability to skyrocket your income faster and easier than ANY other form of marketing!
  • How to create high quality videos that will motivate your viewers into taking action!
  • How to optimize your videos in under 14 minutes, so you can instantly triple your exposure!
  • The powerful "short-cut" strategy to creating videos automatically while distributing them to hundreds of video sites, on complete autopilot!
  • How to enhance your videos and maximize your response rates, instantly!


Traffic Triggers – PLR

  • 5 powerful methods of generating unstoppable traffic to your website quickly & easily!
  • How to send a FLOOD of targeted traffic to your website with powerful online resource sites!
  • 15-Minute optimization strategies that will boost your search engine ranking, instantly!
  • Simple ways of tapping into your market with powerful press releases!
  • How to use community websites to drive in unlimited traffic while building brand awareness, absolutely FREE!


List Explosion – PLR

  • How to quickly set up a powerful list building campaign that will funnel in qualified leads!
  • The easiest way to create a laser-targeted squeeze page that will boost opt-in rates by up to 200%, instantly!
  • The #1 component that will maximize exposure while solidifying your place in your market!
  • High speed techniques for growing massive mailing lists, absolutely free!
  • What you absolutely must do in order to optimize your campaigns performance and make more money from your lists! (Don't overlook this!)


PLR Empire – MRR

NOTE: This is the same as the PLR Arbitrage Product added on July 12th, however, since the graphics are different I've added it again!

"Who Else Wants To Take $7 Report To Build An Empire…."

This guide will show you how exactly you can start making money within few days by just recycling some one else's work (some one like me who rote a book when he was complete newbie in the industry or some one experienced a ghost writer or something). Grab your copy now because I cant give away this information for free for very long!


Brain Gain – PLR

INCLUDES: Both ebook and Audio

"Always wanted to be able to study even more, but didn't know how? Here are some of the best brain enhancement solutions!"

Everything you need to know about the brain enhancement is included in this special report:

  • Finding Ways to Enhance the Brain
  •   Using Music to Enhance the Brain
  •   How Dendrites Play a Role in Brain Enhancement
  •   The Aging of the Brain and Enhancement
  •   Regenerative Abilities of the Brain
  •   Exercise and Brain Enhancement
  •   Developing Strategies in Brain Enhancement
  •   Neuro Feedback and Brain Enhancement
  • Brain Enhancement Scripts
  •   …and much, much more!


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