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Build Your Self Esteem – MRR

NOTE FROM RYAN: Includes: eBook, Report, Articles, Graphics, Squeeze Page and Keywords.

Stop Missing Out On The Good Things In Life…You Too Can Supercharge Your Self Esteem And Take Full Control Of Your Happiness, Career, And Love Life…Once And For All!

Here’s Just Some Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The Many Reasons That People Lack Self-Esteem, Including Their Appearance, Their Family Dynamics And Their Own Attitudes And Opinions
  • How To Tell If You Have Low Self-Esteem To The Point That It Can Be Addressed And Successfully Dealth With
  • Why You Need To Understand That True Self-Esteem And Confidence Comes From Within And Are Not Based On How Others View You Or Treat You
  • Ways To Think Differently About Yourself And How To Project Confidence To The World So That The Actions Of Others Will Follow Your Own
  • How To Learn Self-Confidence And Self-Esteem In The Workplace, At Home, In Relationships, And Wherever You Are And Whatever You Do
  • Where Your Low Self-Esteem Came From And How You Can Keep It Away For Good
  • How Those Around You Can Affect How You See Yourself

And so much more!


New PLR Video Series: Software Cash Generators Video Series

May 2010
Software Cash Generators Video Series
Restricted PLR

Announcing The Brand New, 7 Part, Step By Step Video Course, That Shows You …

"How to Quickly and Easily Create Your Own Hot Selling Softwares…Even If You Don't Know A Single Line Of Code…Starting Today!"

This step by step, 7 part video series, takes you by the hand and shows you how to take a simple idea, and turn it into a simple, yet 'Hot Selling' Software Product. After watching this video series, you should easily be able to create a hot selling software product within 30 days or less….sometimes within 5-10 days!

Here's a list of this 7 part video series in more detail:


Video#1: Introduction on Software Creation

In this video, you will learn what tools you need to get started. You'll also learn how it all works, so you know what to expect before we even get started. Once you learn this, you can implement this business faster. You'll also be given a quick overview of what you'll be learning, in the rest of this video series.

  Video #2: What Software Should You Create?

Video #1 shoes you how it all works. In this video, you'll learn how to figure out 'what' your software should be about. One key tip you will learn, is that software is generally created, because someone has problems.

So, if you know what their problems are, then you can easily create a simple solution. That simple solution of course, is going to be your software. You'll also learn, simple tactics that give you software ideas…in less than 5 minutes!

Video #3: Determining What the Software Does

Once you have figured out what your software is going to be about, it's time to figure out EXACTLY what your software does. In other words, you'll want to know 'how it works'. Luckily, if you know how to create a to do list, or even a grocery list, then creating software specifications, is a very easy thing to do.

Video #4: Planning Your Software

Once you have created your step by step 'to do list', you are going to need to turn it, into words a programmer is going to understand. Don't worry, you don't have to know code or anythingt. This is basically creating a step by step plan, so your programmer can create the software product that you want.

In this video, you will also learn, what programming language you should use, and whether your software should be a 'web based' or 'windows based' product. Then you will be shown how to piece everything together, so that you have your step by step blueprint to getting your software created.

Video #5: Creating Your Software

Great, by now you should be ready to create your software. In this video, you will learn how to create your software. You'll also learn how to find smart and trustworthy programmers, that will do your job right. Not all programmers are good, but we'll show you some tricks to finding and spotting them, from a mile away. You'll also learn how to keep yourself safe, get lower costs…and much much more!

Video #6: Testing and Maintaining Your Software

Congratulations, by now you have probably created your software, so now it's time to test it out. In this video, you'll learn how to test your software and ensure that it has no bugs. The last thing you want to do, is release a software that has lots of bugs.

It's ok if your software product doesn't have all the features it should have, and we'll talk about why, in this video. We will also show you how maintain your software. What about future costs…Updates…New Features? Don't worry, all that will be answered in this video.

Video #7: BONUS – How to Recycle and Create Software At Lightning Speeds!

There are lots of software products out their that have already been created. In this video you'll learn how to create software at super fast speeds, and own full rights to them. You may be asking, "How can I own rights to software products that have already been created?" You'd be surprised, there are tons of software out there like this, waiting for you to own them. But more on that in this video.

Important Note: Your PLR (Private Label Rights) to these videos are NON TRANSFERABLE. That means you can slap your name on them, however, you CANNOT pass on PLR rights to anyone else!

You receive both Flash Videos and AVI Videos


Self-Hypnosis Package – PLR

NOTE FROM RYAN: Contains 9 audios, plus salespage & other bonus material.

Amazing Learning
Play Time: 14 minutes – 46 seconds

Attracting Wealth
Play Time: 14 minutes – 54 seconds

Being Confindent
Play Time: 16 minutes – 50 seconds

Dreams Come True
Play Time: 16 minutes – 14 seconds

Quit Smoking
Play Time: 16 minutes – 36 seconds

Staying Relaxed
Play Time: 17 minutes – 12 seconds

Total Relaxation
Play Time: 18 minutes – 18 seconds

True Love
Play Time: 14 minutes – 04 seconds

Weight Loss
Play Time: 18 minutes – 30 seconds

Dreams Come True
33 Pages To Compliment The mp3



YouTube Marketing Uncovered – PUO

Secrets of Producing the 

Most Viewed Video on YouTube
in Your Niche Market!

My report sets out to simply show you:

  • The most important time to decide you're not going to be too creative
  • A lesson from Pablo Picasso – who mastered it and pre-qualified patrons when only 14
  • A lesson from YouTube superstars Nigahiga – and a relatively unknown teenage girl
  • The secret way to make any of your videos create more loyalty – and pack far more punch
  • 3 simple actions to take that will help "brand" your videos more effectively than any other way
  • The single most important action to take, if you decide a "talking head" video is the method for you
  • 2 fatal mistakes – and when you shouldn't mistake this small one for "insignificant"
  • 3 clues your video can give you as to what equipment to use
  • 4 choices you must make, when deciding on a name for your channel
  • The secret of categories – and how to tell which one is the best one for your video
  • The importance of placement, when deciding to use your keyword phrase in your title
  • 4 top video making tips – and the small detail that makes the difference between thrilling your audience – and putting them to sleep
  • The secret ingredient discovered by that young teenage girl that allows you an extra call to action
  • The power of the "forbidden" element – and how you can use it to attract viewers to drop in and view
  • 2 teenage tips that can help videos go viral like wildfire – and the one thing you can take away from all their successful mistakes
  • Why it's a fatal flaw to study only marketing videos, when learning what works best for marketing on YouTube

Need I really say more?

The long and the short of it is, after I saw what was missing, I sat down and wrote “YouTube Marketing Uncovered”. I wanted to fill in those gaps, and give exactly what every marketer needs to break the “code”.

There are hidden (and not so hidden) conventions on YouTube that go beyond “what” and get into “why”. If you understand the “why”, you’ve done it! You can then make any video situation work to the max for you!


Internet Marketing From A-Z – MRR

WARNING! Do Not Attempt To Build An Internet Business Until You Read Every Word of This Report! I'll Share Over 300 Astonishing Internet Marketing Secrets With You From A-Z That The Gurus Use To Profit Wildly Online!

I'll Share Over 300 Astonishing Internet Marketing Secrets With You From A-Z That The Gurus Use To Profit Wildly Online!

I've covered over 300 tips, tricks and tactics that'll help you start profiting online, or skyrocket your current business even further.

These tips are designed to be short and to the point. Some are philosophical, some are practical, and some are attitudinal—but all designed to make you a better marketer; and to ensure that you don’t run out of ammunition on your marketing campaigns.

These tactics are used by some of the most well-known Internet marketing experts, too.

Even if you're just starting out online, this guide will show you exactly what works — all in an easy-to-read format that you can simply read and implement quickly & easily.

Use this report as a reference guide whenever you want more traffic, subscribers, customers, and motivation to keep you going with your venture.

Inside this special report you'll discover over 300 powerful tips, tricks and tactics to help you build an Internet Empire.

Here's just some of the secrets you'll discover…

  • Ad Tracking strategies and how to test and track your websites.


  • Affiliate marketing secrets to help you build an army of affiliates who promote your products/services.


  • Self-improvement tips so you can have a success mindset.


  •   Tips on outsourcing your business.


  •   Tips on private label rights.


  •   Starting and running your very own membership site.


  •   Product creation tactics so you can create your own products.


  •   Tips on how to stay motivated with your Internet business.


  •   How to have that "take action" mentality.


  •   Email marketing tactics to help you build a money-making email list.


  •   Creating your own e-course.


  •   Social media tactics


  •   Copywriting secrets


  • + much, much more!

And we're just getting started!


Info Product Pathway – PLR

Discover The Insider Secrets To Making Money With Information Products!

  • How to make money with hot selling information products within 72 hours or less!
  • The fastest way to find high profit digital products using ONE free resource!
  • What info products always sell out and why you need to focus on this 'key' component to make more money in less time!
  • How to create your own high profit info products for less than $97!
  • How to make more money from the SAME product with "alternative" format offers!


Elite Social Marketing – PLR

Exclusive Report Reveals The Shocking Strategies To Dominating The Social Marketplaces For Instant Cash!

Find out what social networking sites will generate the most traffic in the shortest amount of time!

  • The most important social community and how you can use it to build a massive following base!
  • The insider trade secrets to maximizing your exposure with the top social networking sites and where you NEED to set up an account!
  • How to generate a following base using a single page on Facebook!
  • Where you can go to instantly network with authorities in your niche, securing unlimited joint ventures!
  • How to create your very own FREE social network for gaining exposure and establish credibility in your market, instantly!

And Much, Much More!


Easy Articles – PLR

Discover the simple formula for creating killer articles that will drive in unlimited traffic within minutes!

How to create articles that will drive in unstoppable traffic quickly and easily!
The fastest way to dominate your niche marketusing 10-minute article campaigns!
The anatomy of a killer article and why your articles should never be longer than 300 words!
Time saving short-cuts to writing tons of quality articles in minutes!
How to find hot topics to write about that will flood your website with targeted visitors!
How to make more money from the same articles with simple monetization strategies!

And Much, Much More!


Aerobic Fitness – PLR

We are always reminded that exercise could do wonders for the body. Aerobics, a kind of exercise which helps your body use more oxygen while maintaining your target heart range, can definitely help a person live longer and healthier. There are studies showing that 30 minutes of aerobics every day would benefit the body a lot.


  • April 26, 2010
  • PLR

Cardio Exercise Equipment – PLR

Weight loss is an important topic in almost all online forums. Fitness gyms are enjoying huge growth in their memberships. Many consumer products are now offering simple solutions to help people control and lose excessive weight. Everyone simply is into effective weight loss. Experts recommend cardiovascular exercises.


  • April 26, 2010
  • PLR

Collocation Demystified – PLR

Internet has altered the business landscape these days. Now, companies need to take care of Information Technology aspects of their businesses. If you are running a small, home-based, or medium-sized enterprise, you surely are very much concerned about Web hosting. Other than that, you may be considering collocation.


  • April 26, 2010
  • PLR

Mobile Website Profits – PUO

NOTE FROM RYAN: Includes: eBook, Giveaway Report, Articles, Squeeze Page, Blog Posts, Promo Emails, Followup Emails, Affiliate Programs

Why Going Mobile Is The Next Website Trend Smart Marketers Are Quietly Keeping Under Their Hats!

It already goes without saying, your website should either be mobile-ready… or at the very least, automatically direct people to your mobile mirror site.

And that’s just the beginning. Did you know you could be letting money you don’t yet have blow out your wide open window if you ignore:

  • Mobile advertising – and the different-from-your-PC rules you need to know
  • How to get your mobile site found and accessed – before most of your competitors even know it’s there!
  • Letting your site be one of the small, mobile-optimized minority people gratefully bookmark and return to
  • Ways to easily boost your promotions – ones that aren’t even available via PC
  • The most important difference between mobile devices and PC’s – the one that’s making it possible for even new businesses to prosper

You may be busy as a bee, learning all about traditional ways of internet marketing. You might have your arms up to the elbows in PPC advertising, affiliate marketing, podcasting, review blogging, making videos, social networking, being a busy VA, and so much more.

But all the time you’re doing this, more and more of your potential customers are cutting down the time they spend on their personal computers. They’re viewing different ads and websites – ones created specially for mobile phone users to see.

They’re ignoring your site – and your offers and services – only because they simply can’t see them.

Because your mobile-ready sites are simply not there!

(One of the things we’re all going to have be familiar with soon is how to set up our websites to be easily seen on the average mobile device’s tiny browser screen.)


Marketing With Content – PUO

NOTE FROM RYAN: Includes: eBook, Giveaway Report, Articles, Squeeze Page, Blog Posts, Promo Emails, Followup Emails, Affiliate Programs

Content Marketing Demystified:
How To Create Wealth And Permanently Boost Your Status
With One Simple But Solid Strategy!

Effective content marketing is the one marketing strategy that will remain evergreen and unchanging, once you learn the basic rules and ropes, and how to apply them in any situation.

Marketing With Content: The Online Business Owner’s Blueprint For Long-Term Success will speedily teach you:

  • The one essential ingredient your eBooks must contain, to drive traffic to your site and provide measurable results


  • 3 ingredients newsletters must have – and what key factor about your readership makes this triple approach essential


  • 7 secrets to writing the perfect article – use all of them, and you’ll have a sure fire winner, even if you’re not an experienced writer


  • How to motivate your affiliates by making it enjoyable – and easy – for them to drive sales and traffic to your sites


  • The secret “sales team“ that sells for you even when you have no affiliates


  • The best way to fast-track strong lead generation


  • The 3 double whammies you can inject in your squeeze pages to make signup irresistible


  • The 2 most important obstacles you must overcome to create copy that does your marketing for you – and how to overcome them


The Business Bloggers Manual

NOTE FROM RYAN: Includes: eBook, Giveaway Report, Articles, Squeeze Page, Blog Posts, Promo Emails, Followup Emails, Affiliate Programs

Discover What You Need To Know
To Really Make The Most Of
Passive Income Opportunities!

Check out my 30–page special report, How To Increase Your Business Income With A Blog, for yourself.

Stop wasting all those old websites and abandoned blogs floating around somewhere in limbo.

Stop telling yourself you’ll be darned if you have to learn yet another new fact.

Stop fighting success.

Put yourself with the big boys – among the elite not–so–few.

Would You Like To Learn How To Make Money Blogging
In Multiple Ways You May Not Even Know?

If your answer is a big “YES!”, you can immediately look forward to:

  • An easy system that will show you what steps you need to take to become a blogger or revive your old unsuccessful blogs Proven shortcuts to help you fast track to speedy blog success
  •  A fast–acting increase in targeted traffic interested in your goods and services
  •  A whole pile of blogging mystery and aggravation gone forever
  •  A chance to make money in multiple, easy ways (even while you sleep)
  •  The peace of mind in knowing your effective blog is successfully promoting your business better than any static website has ever done

Passive Income Blueprint

NOTE FROM RYAN: Includes: eBook, Giveaway Report, Articles, Squeeze Page, Blog Posts, Promo Emails, Followup Emails, Affiliate Programs

Discover What You Need To Know
To Really Make The Most Of
Passive Income Opportunities!

It’s vital, when dealing with creating significant amounts of passive income, to get used to thinking on a deeper level, and digging out the principles behind the actions.

You have to look beyond the obvious to see what really powers the engine.

But fortunately, there’s a surprisingly easy way you can uncover:

  • The fatal "missing link" you’re most likely omit, when you're creating promotional blog posts
  • The biggest secret to super affiliate success that has nothing to do with fancy tactics
  • The single biggest blogging mistake hundreds of otherwise excellent bloggers all make to this day
  • 6 secrets to instant niche stardom – a case study of how quickly it can happen!
  • Why, without this one key element – and the way it inter-relates – your passive income is going to be a dribble instead of a flood
  • The difference between theory and practice – and why new marketers get so confused, even when they've understood everything clearly
  • The last vital ingredient to add to your mix – without it, you’re losing thousands of dollars you haven't yet made (and probably never will)
  • 6 more ways to impress super affiliates – and instantly increase your passive income!
  • The extra vital factor to make sure you've included, when your passive income method lies in information products

That’s why I decided to write my new special report, “Passive Income Blueprint”. To take you behind the scenes.


Twitter Profit Blueprint – PUO

NOTE FROM RYAN: Includes: eBook, Giveaway Report, Articles, Squeeze Page, Blog Posts, Promo Emails, Followup Emails, Affiliate Programs

Shortcut Straight To The Twitter Techniques That Are ESSENTIAL To You As An Internet Marketer, And Leave Out All The Padding And Fluff!

In this simple but deadly effective shortcut guide, you'll discover..

Exactly what Twitter is

Why Twitter is an deadly effective marketing tool

How to sign up, use and 'tweak' Twitter as an internet marketer.

Which aspects of Twitter are VITAL and which ones are time consuming and energy sapping

Twitter etiquette

The truth about getting Followers

Providing value (which sells)

How to write killer tweets

The best Twitter plugins (and the essential marketing ones!)

Twitter tool secrets

Twitter Services secrets

Ways to make money using Twitter 

and much much more…….


UPDATED: 3 Niche Blogs And Review Sites – Restricted PLR

(The blogs seem a little difficult to install for someone without experience with PHP MyAdmin and MySQL databases, however, instructional videos are included)

This includes 3 good-looking wordpress blogs (with content) and 3 review sites (with content).

You get 1 blog and 1 review site in each of the following niches this month:

Asthma Online Traffic Recycling

Each Blog Includes: 20 PLR articles, Logo (with PSD), Video Page, SEO Optimized. They also include revenue streams from Clickbank, Amazon and Adsense.

The Review Websites: Are preloaded with 3 Clickbank reviews of products in the niche and 5 articles in the niche.


9 HOUR OF VIDEO: Elite List Building & Affiliate Marketing – PUO

NOTE FROM RYAN: WHOA! HUGE PACKAGE – Over 9 Full Hours Of Video. With everything combined it's OVER 1 GIG! Videos are provided with both male and female voiceovers for your listening pleasure.

Watch Over My Shoulder & Discover The Step-By-Step, Jaw-Dropping, Super-Easy, In The Trenches, Online System To Generating Affiliate Income That Your Competition Can Never Take Away From You?

Comprehensive 100 Dollars A Day Affiliate Marketing Video course-Each course will come with a in depth video that will walk you step-by-step through the entire process

Professionally designed, animated, detailed, content-rich PowerPoint  presentations- Each weeks course will include its own PowerPoint presentation to help the visual learners quickly assimilate new information.

Homework Assignments– These homework assignments are created just to help you realize that you are actually able to do each of the steps that are covered in the 8 week 100 Dollars A Day Affiliate Marketing System.  They are set up to show you that you are finally comprehending the steps it takes to become a successful online marketer.




Here is the incredible learning line up:

Module 1
Overview & Finding Your Targeted Niche" –   How To Find Niche Markets and know that your targeted market will be eager to buy your Niche targeted products that ensure you reaping the benefits.  Learn how specializing your marketing efforts will actually bring you more business and higher conversions. 



Understand the market's "hot buttons" and be prepared to communicate with the target market as an understanding member–not as an outsider. How to position yourself in your Niche and differentiate yourself over your competition.

Module 2
 "List Building 101- Step-by-Step instructions explaining exactly what you need to do to START, BUILD and MANAGE your own opt-in mailing list. This e-mail course takes you by the hand and guides you thru the very basics of list building then unto some Advanced Business Models you can follow to build your list.



It was designed for the beginning marketer in mind.

Module 3
List Building The Technical Side-Stop struggling with the technical side of building your list.  Your stop here is going to give you the most up to date look over your shoulder technical training available on the market.



It is time to set up that list and get that squeeze page up and running so that you can start building your highly profitable list.

Module 4
PLR Your Diamond In the Rough-The fastest way to generate mind boggling income on the Internet is through use of Private Label Rights (PLR) products. In this amazing module you are about to learn how to take a cheesy PLR Ebook or report that most would throw away, and turn it into your Diamond from the rough.  Learn how to create your very own high end training course through the use of some very simple and easy steps.



After someone does all of the main work you just swoop in, make a couple tweaks andwham, money starts streaming into your merchant accounts. 

If that's not a recipe for success and happiness then I don't know what is.

Module 5
PLR Creation to Marketing-Learn how to quickly and simply create your very own high quality Private Label Rights products, So You Can Keep 100% Profits and Instantly Have Your Own Product!  Your about to learn exactly how you can Market these products and where the number #1 place is to market them that has hungry buyers just waiting for you to arrive.



You soon will easily be earning thousands if not tens of thousands within 48 hours after your product goes live.

Module 6
Affiliate Marketing Monetization process-  Your stop here will give you all the information you need to start making money online and give you the info you need to become a successful affiliate.



There is a process that you must take before you are ready to monetize your efforts.  Follow this process and the monetization is simple!

Module 7
Traffic Generation–  Learn where and how to get the best kind of free traffic and make it work within your Internet marketing niche, so that it can drive targeted website visitors to your site and start making money right away. 



It is the plain and simple truth… you can have the most incredible looking website…the most original, problem solving, and compelling content, and the most irresistible offer on the market…But without traffic, it just doesn't matter.

Well let's complete the picture for you. Not only will the traffic generation methods we are teaching you will get you the traffic you need.. they will also be responsible for building you up as the credible Expert in your Target Market.

Module 8
Simple Affiliate Marketing Techniques-Simple does not mean they are not powerful.  You are about to learn the Secret, Powerful techniques that all successful Affiliates use to generate Affiliate Commissions on autopilot. 



These Easy techniques will also help you: Grow your list, Build Relationships, Build Credibility, Stand Out above the crowd, Generate traffic, Generate Affiliate Commissions on Auto Pilot, Pre-sell or warm up your list for a big promotion.  Did I say generate Affiliate commissions? Seems I did, but did I say massive Affiliate Commissions?












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