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New PLR Video Series: Domain Cash Generator


March 2010
Domain Cash Generator Video Series
Restricted PLR

Announcing The Brand New, 7 Part, Step By Step Video Course That Shows You …

“How to Get a Powerful Step by Step System That Shows You How to Buy & Sell Lucrative Domain Names…Starting Today!”

Here’s a list of this 7 part video series in more detail

Video #1:  Introduction to Domaining

In this video, you will be given a brief overview of what will be discussed in this video series. Once you understand this and the websites you’ll be using to find profitable domain names, and flipping them…then, and only then should you move on to the rest of the video series with ease.

You will need some money of course, to buy your domain names, but fortunately they don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Video #2:  Things you should Avoid doing

In this video, you will learn several things that you need to avoid doing, to save wasting time and money. By understanding what to avoid doing, and how to use certain tools to keep yourself safe… you will set yourself on the correct path to finding profitable domain names.

Video #3:  How to Find Profitable Domain Names

By now, you should be ready to start looking for profitable domain names. There are tons out their, but how do you know which domain names will sell, and which ones will not? Well, before you start investing your time and money looking for domain names, make sure to watch this particular video. We have covered some basic research and guidelines that you should follow, first. This is a very important step of this domaining process.

Video #4:  How to Register Your Domain Name

Just as the title says, you’re going to learn how to register your domain name. This is a quick and easy video, but a necessary part of this whole process. If you’ve never done this before, don’t worry, it’s easier than you think.

Video #5:  Generating Passive Cash

This video is optional, ‘if’ you’d like to generate passive cash, without putting too much time into flipping the domain name. Be aware however, that this method isn’t going to increase the value of your domain name. By using this method, we will presume that you did the necessary research, to find a profitable domain name,which already has traffic going to it…in order for this to work.

Video #6: Flip Your Domain

In this video, you will learn how to increase the value of your domain name. This means that after you implement this step by step process, you should be able to sell your domain for at least three times more… than if you hadn’t done this before.

I won’t go into extreme details, but I will say that this process does take some time, but not too much. However, think about how lucrative this can be if you spend just a few hours a day on flipping your domain names?

Video #7:  Selling Your Domain Name

Once you have found a profitable domain name, and flipped it, it’s time to sell it. In this video, you will learn where to sell it, how to sell it, and most importantly how to get the best price.

Important Note: Your PLR (Private Label Rights) to these videos are NON TRANSFERABLE. That means you can slap your name on them, however, you CANNOT pass on PLR rights to anyone else!

You receive both Flash Videos and AVI Videos

Premium Mini-Site Templates – PUO

RYAN’S COMMENT: These really are great looking, premium templates!

Six Brand-New, Richly Detailed, Eye-Catching, Easy To Use High Quality Premium Designs Created By A Marketer Specifically For Marketers…

You Get:

The Premium “Treasure” Template: A highly attractive, rich, “old-world” look & feel that invites your visitors to discover the “treasure” in your marketing message.

The Premium “Wood” Template: A high quality, rustic design that creates a unique backdrop to your salespage.

The Premium “Bronze” Template: You can almost smell the old, worn leather used in this design. Vintage-style paper adds additional texture and depth to your graphics.

The Premium “Raw Silk” Template: The richly coloured fabric used in this design offers depth and drama against the elegance of the background imagery.

The Premium “Metal” Template: Detailed layers of old and new metals are used here to create a feeling of strength and solidity. A wonderful background for any sales message.

The Premium “Stone” Template: This ancient stone background helps portray longevity – a great design for a product with a long shelf life.

Each template package includes:



Because social media has become a very important part of your marketing arsenal your also going to get six matching Twitter backgrounds!

The Complete Premium Power Templates package will be provided “ready to use” in HTML format. All you need to do is open the pages in your favourite HTML editor and type in your copy!

Misty Blue Templates – PLR

Misty Blue Minisite Templates will help create that professional looking eye catching minisite template in a flash. – Fact is, you do not need to have amazing design talents, saving time have the site-up and running right away. All you have to do is some point and click including adding site name that it done in a few minutes!

When downloading the complete set of – Minisite Templates you will receive minisite templates that can make any website look an eye catching contribution to business it was set-up for.

Suitable for many subjects of category such as:

  • Article Marketing, Internet Marketing, Copywriting, Joint Venture and Affiliate Marketing just to name a few ideas.
  • Each template is complete with the following graphics: header, middle and matching footer all 730 pixels (change to suit using .psd header and footer file), plus background image.
  • All graphics come in editable .psd format with no need to concern about having the same graphics as everyone else! These are brand new templates that are fully customizable.
  • Edit the layers in Photoshop so you can have your own unique graphics!
  • Available in blank .jpg for easy editing in your own graphic application.
  • Index and thank you pages.
  • CSS document for each template.
  • No Right Click script in action on each template ( try and right clicking here now).
  • Reflection script is in action as seen at the bottom of each template page. Which can be utilised for any image placed on all of these template pages.
  • Mata Tags have been set up on each template page. Just add your sites details by removing the instructions within the quotes of each tag, replacing with relevant information.
  • Pages will stretch to suit any amount of information placed on them, without affecting the layout what so ever. The content area is already set up with two main columns assisting the reader, just as can be seen on this page.
  • 15 Minisite Templates that also come with Master Resell Rights, which means that you can get your investment back when you resell this product over and over again!
  • Receive an exact copy of this website just change the title, ad your payment processor and sell, sell, sell!!!

Get Published eBook and Audio – MRR


Get Published! How to Write, Print and Sell Your Own Book!
(Audio MP3 Included!)

Every writer has a voice that they long to be heard. It is just a matter of getting that voice out to the public by way of the book. Unfortunately, the big publishing houses will very rarely take a book by an unknown author. Most of them do not accept unsoliticted manuscripts at all and most will only deal with literary agents.

Literary agents do not usually accept manuscripts from an unknown writer, either. They look for books from someone who has a proven track record and will make them money. Agents usually have a law degree and act as a lawyer on behalf of their clients.

Like most lawyers, they do not like to work for free unless they feel that there is something in it for them. But thanks to the internet as well as advances in computer technology that involve printing, any writer can get their book published in an affordable way. Forget vanity press – those days are over! You can get your book self published with an online company that offers new and experienced writers a chance to get their voices heard. This is a print to order procedure that does not cost the writer much money at all and will even get their book on Amazon. If you have always wanted to be a writer, now is the time to do so!

There are many books online, as well as tips that can help you write your own book. Chances are, if you are reading this, you have already started on your book or are at least contemplating writing it. This guide is for new writers and gives you the basic principles of how to write a book. In addition, it teaches you how to market your self published book, something that you have to do even if you have a book published by mainstream press.

This is the only book of its kind that tells you the truth and gives you the resources you need to get what you want.

Inspiration and Information!

  • Learn how to get started writing

Even if you have never written anything before in your life, if you have an idea for a book, you owe it to yourself to get it out there! This book will take you step by step through the process of writing book from start to finish, and how to complete it so that it is ready for the press! This book teaches a new writer everything that they need to know about how to writer a book that others will want to buy and read!

  • Learn what to do after your book is published

In addition to giving you resources on where you can self publish your book as well as different ways that you can do this, you need to then learn what to do once your book is published. Just sit around and wait for sales? Not a chance! You need to market your book just like anyone markets bestselling books, films and other new art forms. Your book is a work of art, but it will only be read if others know it exists. Fortunately, this book gives you ways that you can market your book without spending a lot of money or, in most cases, any money at all.


Run Your Business Using Google – RR

NOTE FROM RYAN: This is a 12 Part Video Series! Although I haven’t reviewed all of the videos yet,  I do use Google Apps to run a lot of my business so this is probably pretty good!


Transform The Way You Do Business – Making Your Operations Faster & More Efficient With Google’s Powerful Online Applications!

Finally, A Tutorial Series That’s GUARANTEED To Help You Master Google Infrastructure & Make Business Communications & Information Sharing A Breeze!

  •     Are you looking for a better way to manage emails, document sharing, websites, domain registration and more?
  •     Would you like to feel confident that all your employees were grouped correctly to securely receive and share essential business information?
  •     Do you want to make business communication faster and more user friendly with a complete system that manages the full spectrum of tools you require?

If you run a business with one or more employees, then you face the challenge of ensuring that all your business ‘stakeholders’ can access the essential information they need for their roles.

This training is the perfect solution to build upon your business management and communications.

This video series uncovers:

  • How you can use GoogleDocs to search, store and manage your business documents and spreadsheets – perfect for small businesses needing to share information
  • How you can create a Gmail email account and receive desktop notifications
  • Discover how you can check your Gmail via your mobile phone
  •  Look at how you can personalizing an iGoogle or start up page to gain instant access to some of the powerful Google tools and applications
  •  See how Google Talk can work for your business and a means of instant messaging and as a PC to PC voice call provider
  •  Find out how you can integrate the Google Talk service with your Gmail account or download it as a separate IM application
  • Use the GoogleDocs tools for online collaboration – adding and removing collaborators so that different employees can access and work on different documents
  •  Watch a demonstration of the Google Calendar – a free online calendar which can be used for managing employee schedules and to share events
  •  Discover a range of additional uses and applications for these powerful online tools


IM Peels – MRR

NOTE FROM RYAN: These are several “Peel Graphics” from the IM Niche. When I bought this I thought it was an actual “Peel Away Graphics Script”, but apparently it’s the graphics only, not the script.

UPDATE: Thanks to member Marian for pointing out that a free “Peel Away Graphics Script” Is Available here.

Have You Ever Seen Those Cool Little Corner “Dog-Ears”
We Just Created New Peel Ads For Internet Marketers!

A while back, a really neat script called “Peel Away Ads” was created by Richard Osterude and Harris Fellman.   I had seen these “peel ads” used on other pages before – but never used them.  To me it looked pretty difficult to do, and honestly – I wasn’t quite sure how people were getting that “page peel” effect when I first noticed it.  When I finally ran across the “Peel Away Ads” script, the light bulbs went on, and I just HAD to try it so I created these peel away graphics for the IM Niche.

CPA Marketing Revealed – PUO


RYAN’S COMMENT: This contains both an ebook and a related short report.

CPA Marketing is Viable…
But You Have to Know A Few Things, to Make it Really Work

If you don’t know how CPA networks actually function, and if you’re assuming they do so exactly like regular affiliate marketing, you’re missing vital pieces of information. And that virtually guarantees you’ll experience a lot more disappointment than you need to, once you take that step into the world of CPA marketing.

You need to know about things like:

  • 2 critical differences between CPA networks and regular affiliate programs
  • 5 types of CPA marketing – and a ballpark idea of what sort of payout you can really expect
  • 5 key things to set in place that CPA networks will love you for
  • 5 common newbie mistakes that CPA networks really, really hate

In addition to this, you have to understand critical facts about your site visitor. And how things work in the CPA marketing “real world”.
You need to quickly clue yourself in on factor such as:

  • The absurdly simple way to make people actually thankful for your CPA offer
  • The single most fatal mistake almost everyone encourages CPA marketers to make
  • The second mistake almost everyone makes (the one where everyone stops instead of starts!)
  • The 2 most important things to discover about your customer – and you!
  • The 9 questions you have to answer about your customer before you know how to make him click
  • 3 common but easily preventable causes of CPA disappointment


On top of that, you have to know how to translate all the dry stuff into “real world” thinking – and action.

And, of course, you’d like to do all this easily, without long learning curves – so you can start earning as quickly as possible from those targeted clicks!

List Building Insider – PUO


“There’s One Thing That EVERY Successful
Marketer Has In Common.. A LIST!”

You’ve read all about the multi-million dollar product launches.. You might already be on the lists of these superstar gurus who make an absolute fortune from simply crafting ‘action provoking’ emails that get sent to their target audience in a matter of minutes – all with the SINGLE click of a button.

These list masters know that they would never have been able to be as successful if they neglected the power that profitable list building gives them, and like me, even those who had failed to recognize the importance for many years, have been able to quickly make up for lost time by following a system designed to help you create the ultimate list building campaign – within days!

Here is just SOME of what you will learn within the List Building Insider Guide..

Instant List Building Formula; I will give you the EXACT system that I, and countless others have used to build HUGE lists of active buyers in only days! Forget spending weeks on sluggish campaigns that take forever to work! With my formula, you will be able to create enhanced list building campaigns on complete overdrive!


The Insider Secrets To List Cash; Once you have developed your list using my formula, I will show you exactly what to do to make money with it! Implement these stealth tactics to motivate your subscribers into taking action and beef up the value of your list instantly!


Unconventional Tactics That Work: Don’t waste time following the outdated, saturated tactics that just don’t work anymore.. with the List Building Insider, I will show you REAL world examples of how you can activate simple ‘triggers’ that will flood your inbox with sign up notifications!


Build A List, Build An Empire: Make every subscriber count! Within this chapter, I will show you how to take the power of a email list and jack it up so that it’s generating MORE money in less time!


Personal Profit Swipe File: I will give you every resource and tool that I personally use to grow massive lists while building a loyal following of customers, eager to gobble up every product advertisement I send their way!

And LOTS More!

There’s nothing as important as growing a list of active buyers.. if YOU want to take part in the secret weapon behind the Internet’s most profitable launches, and YOU want your website to experience the SAME level of success, you NEED to put these tactics to work for you.

Joint Venture For Newbies – PUO


“Uncover The Closely Guarded Secrets To Exceptionally Profitable Joint Venture Partnerships That Will Instantly Triple Your Online Income!”

With the Joint Venture Newbies guide, you can easily craft mouth watering offers that will literally take your business and breath new life into it, almost overnight. And once word spreads that you are a real pro when it comes to setting up a high-end JV offer, you’ll probably have to change your email address just to get a break from the overwhelming number of offers from fellow marketers begging you to consider them for your next campaign.

Joint Venture Newbies

If you want a solid, fail proof blueprint to setting up profitable Joint Venture partnerships, this guide will give you everything you need to get started.

I’ll take you from the first contact, right through the follow up system, showing you exactly how to ensure that your campaigns are successful and that you leave them eager to do business with you time and time again.

It doesn’t matter if you have never tried your hand at establishing a Joint Venture partnership in the past or if you have and failed miserably at it. With this guide, you will have a complete arsenal of highly effective strategies and techniques that will instantly give you the leg up on the competition and dramatically change the way that you do business online.

Instant Success Formula – PUO


“Introducing Instant Success Formula, Your Complete Manuscript
For Improving Your LifeStyle And Every Element Within It!”…

This guide focuses on every aspect that is relevant to improving your life, and is presented in a clear, focused and comprehensive format. Other ebooks on this same subject tend to leave the reader with questions, unsure of where to begin or how to actually take the first steps forward, but with the Instant Success Formula, you will know exactly what to do from step one to the final result.. complete balance and ongoing success!

Here is just a bit of what you will learn within the pages of this incredible guide:

The Basic Steps To Setting Up Your Personal Success System – This chapter will show you what you need to do to clear out the time wasters, distractions and goal killers, and focus exclusively on your own personal success (see Page 18)
Complete Formula To Success – Here is where I will show you how thousands of people across the country have used this system to better their lives, instantly, while setting clear objectives that you WILL reach!
Steps To Personal Wealth – It all starts with a single step and a personal committment to see it through from start to finish. Unleash your full blown potential by unlocking surefire strategies that will set you on your way!
Discover the simple blueprint to achieving ALL of your goals! When you refuse to accept failure, the possibilities that are now within reach are never-ending, and within this chapter you will learn how to set yourself up with a no-fail method of getting what you want.. (see Page 24)
Follow my exact formula for exploiting the “Law of Success”. All you need to do is follow my step by step system while making a concious effort to implement these techniques into your daily life.. You will begin to see results INSTANTLY..
The Power Within – Even if you aren’t a spirtual person, you won’t be able to resist these easy thought provoking methods of clearing your mind and aiming your energy at ensuring you reach your objectives. The human ability to use positive thoughts and energy to wipe out any obstacles ahead is simply amazing, and once you know how to harness this inner power, you will never again feel overwhelmed or discouraged. (See page 29)

And Much, Much More!

Instant Domain Cash – PUO


The Instant Domain Cash Blueprint Will Show You Exactly How To Flip Your First Domain Name Within 48 Hours Or Less!

  • Discover exactly how to start collecting highly profitable domain names at registrar prices and flip them for 5, 10 even 20 times their value!
  • Learn how to set up your domain business within days and start generating a profit on your VERY FIRST DAY… Learn how to determine a dud from a surefire winner instantly.
  • Follow along as I show you exactly how to set up your domain auctions so that each one is a complete success.. Tweak your listings so that they generate even more exposure!
  • Make money even before you complete your first flip! Your domains can be set up to work for you with very little effort on your part. Learn exactly how pro domainers are getting the most out of every single domain they register..
  • And Much, Much More!

Quick Member Update

Hey guys, quick video explaining a couple of changes I've just made to the site (I noticed some of the audio is a bit jumbled and the video cuts out a couple of seconds early but nothing important is missed) :

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think…

Ghosting Riches – MRR

“Revealed! – “The Top Tips Used By Professional
Ghostwriters To Break Into Full-Time Freelancing”

Ghosting Riches can show you exactly how to get started as a freelance ghostwriter online (we even cover some tips for coders and web designers).

We show you the top tips used by professional ghostwriters to break into the industry and carve out their own slice of work at home pie.

We’ll even show you where to go to get work.

Ghosting Riches is exactly what you need if you’ve ever thought about trying to make money as a writer online but haven’t known where to start. We’ll show you exactly how to get going – what you must do, and what you must never do.

We’ll show you:

  • The first things you need to do to start up as a freelancer
  • Where to go to find work
  • How to get people to trust you even if they’ve never heard of you before
  • Pricing structure – how it works and the fatal mistakes most newcomers make
  • How to get free advertising
  • The sites where you can go to find work
  • Why you MUST offer samples of your work and how to go about it even if you haven’t written a single piece
  • How to set up your business website even if you don’t know how to build one
  • what it MUST include, and why
  • What potential clients are looking for and how to supply it
  • How to climb to the top of the pile over all your competition
  • and much more

If you’re seriously thinking about carving out an online career as a freelancer or ghostwriter, then you can save yourself days of legwork by grabbing Ghosting Riches right now.

Free Traffic Strategy – PUO

“Discover How You Can Win The Traffic Game
Without Paying A Dime In The Process!”

If you have ever dabbled with traffic generation tactics in the past, you know how costly these strategies can be. With Pay Per Click marketing, to paid sponsorship or advertising, there’s no guarantee that your campaigns will generate sales, meanwhile you are paying hand over fist just for the opportunity to ‘try’.

I am going to be really upfront with you; it’s not nearly as difficult to generate traffic to your website IF you know the strategies that professional web developers and Internet Marketers have used for years to stay on the of the competition and drive the “newbie web developers” away by leaving them frustrated and confused as to why everyone else can manage to jumpstart their sites, while they are spending day after day, giving it everything they’ve got for little to no results.

Then there’s the time factor.. spending hours upon hours tweaking your ads, trying your best to increase conversions, while split testing your copy and revamping your design.. only to find out that all of the time you spent was worthless.. your site is still not producing sales and you’re lucky if even the smallest amount of prospects drop by on a daily basis.

The problem is, these so called gurus aren’t about to share their tips with you because after all, it’s what made them the wealthy businessmen that they are today.. make sense?

Well, it’s all about to change, and finally, the playing field will be level..

Facebook Profit Guide – PUO

“Follow The Complete Facebook Strategy That Will Show You How To Squeeze Every Dime Out Of Your Marketing Efforts!”

As you know, Facebook exploded onto the scene. Savvy programmers quickly developed applications that would spread their company name around the internal community faster than lightening, and Internet Marketers jumped on board to quickly create popular groups and social networks of targeted customers.

It was no ‘social game’, after all.

While Facebook was originally created as a way to keep in touch with friends, make new ones as well as find old ones, it’s quickly transformed into a network driven marketing tool that if used properly, can explode a website’s’ traffic and build a loyal following in less time than it would take to complete the SAME objective anywhere else.

Think about it.. everyone you know (and they know) are likely a part of the Facebook community. Imagine just how many thousands of potential customers log in everyday, to read Facebook walls, join groups and participate in the marketplace? The potential is incredible and thankfully for you, it’s not too late to claim your share of the ever-growing Facebook pie.

“It’s The Only Facebook Blueprint You Will EVER Need!”

It doesn’t get much easier than this. I have compiled every bit of critical information regarding Facebook that you will ever need. I have weeded through the system, bit by bit and have created the ultimate guide to utilizing Facebook for traffic and community.

If you are interested in building a list, growing a brand or establishing yourself in a “go big or go home” method, this is the easiest opportunity to expand your outreach with limited effort.

Here is just SOME of what you will learn within its pages..

  • Become a complete Facebook pro! Learn the in’s and out’s of the entire system and discover how you can utilize its built in ‘modules’ to instantly generate traffic to your site!
  •  Build your online identity as a trusted and reliable source for products and services by networking with leaders in your niche. It’s never been easier to find joint venture partners or potential allies regardless of your market.
  • Launch your website quickly and easily by putting it in front of thousands of potential customers! Showcase your offers at no cost by focusing on ‘targeted groups’ that ALREADY exist within the Facebook community!
  • Build Your Following.. With it’s ‘instant community’ and built in tools, you can create your own internal group focused on your niche, in a matter of two clicks!
  • Take it a step further by discovering how applications work, what tools are available to you and how you can make more money just by being part of the Facebook community.
  • And Much, Much More!

The Facebook Profit Guide will take you through every single step from setting up your Facebook account, to building a loyal customer base with proven strategies and easy techniques that will work for you, regardless if you have failed at marketing within other social outlets, such as MySpace or Digg.

You won’t believe just how easy it really is until you read the guide and implement its proven strategies into your marketing campaign. Start generating a flood of targeted traffic to your website right now.. Facebook is free and easy to use and with the Profit guide in your reach, you will never again wonder how other people are doing it..

Killer Abstract Backgrounds V3 – PUO

RYAN’S NOTE: These ARE pretty “killer” (no pun intended)…  I’ve used them on a couple of things already.  They are PSD files so photoshop (or something that opens PSD files) is required.

Want to make your graphics stand out?

“Instantly Spice Up All Of Your Web Graphics With
This Collection Of Killer Special Effects Back Drops!”

Dear Friend,

Want to make your graphics POP and look truly awesome? One of the easiest ways to add some flair to your graphics is by adding a cool abstract background as the back drop of your design. Let me show you what I mean…

Here are some examples of what a nice background can do for a design. In the first example, I have a “before and after” header image I created for this product…

It’s the exact same header, the only difference being a cool background in the final header image. You can see that the first header looks kind of plain, but once you add that cool background, the whole design just comes together.

Here is another “before and after” example with a box cover I created for this product…

Again it’s the same design, with the only difference being the abstract background. And that small difference makes ALL the difference.

You can spice up and improve pretty much any kind of design with a nice abstract background. You can use plain text, with a nice background and nothing else, and you’ll have a cool simple design. Fast and easy.


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