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UPDATED: Monthly Articles, Headers, Adsense Sites & eBooks

The May content has been uploaded to the “Monthly Articles, Headers, Adsense Sites & eBooks” area.

This month’s topics are:

Allergies, Boxing, Camping in France, Chiropractic Care, Credit Repair, Detox Diet, Federal Grant, Handmade Gifts, Journalism Career, Living with Diabetes, Pet Birds, Twitter

The topics of the 3 PLR ebooks are:

Detoxify, Career in Journalism, Pet Birds

New PLR Video Series: Podcast Profit System

This month’s PLR Video Series Is Ready…

May 2009
Podcast Profit System
Restricted PLR

Important Note: Your PLR (Private Label Rights) to these videos are NON TRANSFERABLE. That means you can slap your name on them, however, you CANNOT pass on PLR rights to anyone else!

1)  Why Podcasting?  …and Tools you need

2)  What will your Podcasts be about?  Types of Podcasts

3)  Creating An Outline

4)  Recording your Podcast

5)  Editing and Saving Your Podcast

6)  Promoting Your Podcast:  Turn Your Blog Into a Podcast and make a RSS Feed

7)  Promoting Your Podcast: Podcast Directories, etc

3 OTO Templates Packs – MRR

Okay…  This comes with 3 OTO (One TIme Offer) templates and also 25 products with Master Resell Rights.  The OTO templates are new, however, the products ARE NOT NEW (many of the better ones have already been added here).

You can use it as is… Or better yet, you could create your own offer using the templates.

See a sample Template with a list of the 25 products here.

5 Complete Website Kits


  1. Identity Theft
  2. Going Green
  3. Wine
  4. Real Estate
  5. Healthy Eating

This one came from Willie Crawford!

Each package includes: Articles, Banners, Ebooks, HTML, PHP, WORDPRESS, PSDs, Keywords, Etc.

The sites are already .php embedded with Clickbank, Amazon, and Adsense income areas. Paste your IDs into 2 simples files and upload – that’s it!

These Fully Expanded 26-Page Niche Site Kits will give beginners a head start at establishing a profitable online presence. And for experienced VRE developers and online marketers – here are new and easy income streams to replace those that are drying up right now.


IM Popup – PUO


Quickly and Easily Create Unblockable Popups (Even if You Know Nothing About HTML) * 20 Built-In Templates, Customizable and Ready-to-Go * Create Delayed Popups for Maximum Effect * Deploy “Exit Pops” to Grab Attention Before Visitors Leave for Good * Embed Affiliate Links Directly Into Popups * Fade-Out the Page Behind the Popup (“LightBox Effect”) * Works in All the Major Browsers (Even Safari on the Mac!)

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