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UPDATED: Monthly Articles, Headers, Adsense Sites & eBooks

The March content has been uploaded to the "Monthly Articles, Headers, Adsense Sites & eBooks" area. 

This month's topics are:

Anti-aging-treatment, Business Branding, Dog Breeding, England Vacation, First Aid Training, Influence, Kids Birthday Parties, Mineral Makeup, Self Esteem, Steam Cleaners, Ways To Save Money, Zumba

The topics of the 3 PLR ebooks are:

Business Branding, Dog Breeding, Kids Birthday Parties


New PLR Video Series: Forum Niche Goldmines

This month’s PLR Video Series Is Ready…

March 2009
Forum Niche Goldmines
Restricted PLR

Important Note: Your PLR (Private Label Rights) to these videos are NON TRANSFERABLE. That means you can slap your name on them, however, you CANNOT pass on PLR rights to anyone else!

1. Finding A Niche Topic For Your Forum and Planning Ahead

2. What Type Of Forum Platform To Use

3. How to setup phpBB using cPanel and changing the style

4. phpBB Forum Features and How to Use Them

5. Building Your Community Content: Content Content Content

6. Marketing Your Forum to Build a Community

WARNING: Follow Up Email Creator Pro

I just received a report from a memebr that Follow Up Email Creator Pro added April 30th, 2008 triggered a "Trojan Virus Dropper Generic AEBF Warning" within their antivirus software.  My antivirus software doesn’t find anything, but I thought I’d let you know.

Also, please be aware that commenting is now active (although not on most of the old products), so if you have warnings or comments about one of the added products you can share them with each other via the commenting feature.


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