Monthly Archives: March 2008

10 PLR eBooks – PLR

  1. How To love Your Job even if you don’t
  2. Making $ Online
  3. Lose weight by burning more calories
  4. Rainy Day Activities For Kids
  5. Silly eBay Stuff
  6. Work From Home
  7. What? Me Procrastinate?
  8. Holiday Mayhem
  9. Hot Tips & Treats To Light Your Valentine’s Fire
  10. How To Become A Top Seller On eBay

Offline Guerilla Marketing Secrets – MRR

Selling Internet Marketing Services To Local Businesses can be a very lucrative business. By localizing your Internet Marketing Efforts, you can: • Create a steady income • Create a passive stream of income • Find new affiliate products to sell • Find cheaper adwords campaigns for your affiliate marketing business • Become an expert on Internet Marketing In Your Hometown