WP Popup Subversion – PUO


 “Is Your Pop Up Plugin Killing Your Conversions? Downright Evil Sales-Psychology Trick Grows Your List on Steroids and Makes Your Paypal Account Explode! All of the Benefits of a Traditional Pop Up Plugin, Without the Drawbacks!”


Height & colour fully user-definable.

  • Time-delay fully configurable for both slide-ins.


  • You are in charge!
  • Anything that’s HTML goes!
  • Images, optin-boxes, FB like-buttons, if you can think of it, you can put it in here!
  • Size is fully configurable!


  • Target individual countries (or the whole world)

Conversion Tracking:

  • Track the conversion of each of your slide-in-popup-combos:
    How often were they watched (reported separately for header & footer)?
    How often were they clicked on?
    You’ll quickly know what converts and what doesn’t! No more guess-work!

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