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WP Swipe Book – PUO

WP Book

“Now You Can Write Faster, Create Better Titles and Openings, and Craft Compelling Calls to Action–Right From Your WordPress Dashboard!” 

Best of all, it’s so easy to install and use, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!

  • Supports 4 types of swipe files to help you create the most critical parts of any page.
  • Works on posts and pages, so you can write your everyday content or sales pages with ease.
  • Use for titles to craft click-worthy blog subjects that get shared.
  • Add your most common calls to action for easy upsells from any blog post–great for team blogs or for your VA to use.
  • Easy bulk import of your favorite swipes–just import a .txt file and your best swipes will instantly appear on the page.
  • On-screen editing of existing swipes makes it easy to tweak your content–no importing required.
  • No longer using a swipe? Click the delete button for instant clean up.
  • Easy-click buttons in the post and page editor insert your chosen swipes right in your post–no hunting through numerous documents and folders to find just the right one.
  • Have a standard closing? Put it in a swipe file and save all that typing!
  • Use for opening lines to encourage readers to stay on your page.
  • Add unlimited swipes–perfect if you’ve purchased template files or want to include that great list of subject lines you found.
  • Use with a multi-author blog–so you never have to worry about style and voice remaining consistent.

Discount Motivator Pro – MRR


“Easily Boost Sales And Motivate Your Visitors To Buy Now!” 

Here Are The Main Features…

  • Creates Discount Motivators In Minutes.
  • Easy To Use, Simply Fill-In-The Blanks.
  • Software Requires No Installation.
  • Option To Change Background Colors.
  • Works With Any HTML Coded Web Page.
  • Requires Upload Access To A Webserver.
  • Can Be Used With Any Website URL.
  • Option To All Text And Text Colors.
  • Redirects To Any Website URL You Choose.

Keyword Directory – PUO


“Create a custom dictionary for your page in minutes . . . gives your visitor the information they need to make an informed decision about your offer … plus keeps your bounce rates low at the same time. Low bounce rates helps Google favor your site in the search engine rankings for more organic traffic!”

Turbo Spy Tracker – PUO


“The Easiest Way To Know Exactly Where Your Traffic Is Coming From. Can cutting edge online business tracking really be this simple? Revealed! The Absolutely Easiest Way To Find Out Exactly Where Your Traffic Is Coming From, So You Can Increase Conversions And Rake In The Serious Cash!

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