Super Affiliate Evolution – MRR


“I’m about to hand over a complete arsenal of fail-proof affiliate blueprints that my team and i have used to build a six figure business!”

5 super cool reasons to grab Super Affiliate Evolution…

  • You will recieve a system that has everything you need without having to go out and buy extra to make it work!
  • It involves no guesswork; anyone can do it!
  • It has been proven by my family and many others that it works time after time!
  • I guarantee it works!

Here is a brief overview of what you will be getting:

Module 1:  Bulletproof keyword research

  • SEO keyword research the right way!
  • Doing PPC keyword research so that you don’t spend over .25 per click!
  • Choosing Keywords that Attract buyers, NOT info Seekers

Module 2:  Bulletproof keyword research

  • How to find the best CPA offers!
  • Determining if a Clickbank product converts well!
  • Finding different mobile CPA networks!

Module 3:  Creating Your Persona

  • Why you need to create Persona
  • The true essence of becoming a super affiliate this day in age!
  • How to build instant rapport & credibility!

Module 4:  How To Build Sites/Blogs that convert

  • Why squeeze pages are the best way to money as affiliate
  • Long term affiliate commission blueprint
  • Using WordPress to create affiliate sites on the fly!
  • The one thing that helps your site convert 20 out 100 visitors!

Module 5:  Listbuilding & Automated Relationship Building

  • How to “Set and Forget” your affiliate campaigns.
  • An autoresponder sequence that gets the best response
  • How I built a list of over 5,000 targeted subscribers in less than 14 days
  • Why you need to put systems on your affiliate business!

Module 6:  Easy SEO Techniques

  • What’s affiliate marketing w/o FREE traffic.
  • Build an ongoing traffic source that doesn’t cost you thing!
  • Finding the “low hanging” fruit and profiting immensely!

Module 7:  Penny Clicks & Untapped Traffic

  • Why this is the REAL game changer!
  • ALL my secret PPC traffic sources
  • How to turn .05 into $10 all day long!!
  • Secret resource to finding all the traffic sources you will EVER need!

Module 8:  Social Media & Content Marketing

  • How social media can rocket you to NEW Heights!
  • Secret YouTube expliots, totally legal but insanely LETHAL! 🙂
  • Why article marketing is DEAD and how to get your content ranked #1 over Wikipedia!

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