Personal Development Wealth Pack – MRR & Giveaway Rights


“A pack of 10 personal development eBooks. One of the hottest and most profitable niches today is personal development, particularly geared towards the wealth market. You see, with such much uncertainty due to the economy crisis, natural disasters, civil unrest and high unemployment rates, people are constantly looking for ways to empower themselves to make ends meet during these difficult times.”

eBook Titles Include:

  • The Magnetic Mindset that Drives Home Business Models
  • Financial Empowerment and Your Environment
  • How to Become a Speaker with a Magnetic Personality
  • How to Effectively Build Teams and Make Them Work
  • How to Identify Business Opportunities and Make the Most of Them
  • How to Leave a Legacy
  • How to Sell Anything to Anyone
  • Leveraging Your Businesses in the 21st Century
  • Managing Your Money For All Ages
  • The Law of Attraction and Your Wealth

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