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300 unique Private Label Rights (PLR) articles covering 12 different topics every single month…

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* .PDF format
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TOPICS: Criminal Defense Lawyer, Golf Swing, Greece Vacation, Jiu Jitsu, Kidney Stones, Last Minute Travel, Merchant Account, Motivation, Skydiving, Spider Vein Treatment, Tapestries, Xbox 360


TOPICS: Bad Breath, Carpentry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Debt Management, Learn Italian, Legal Help, Moles Warts Skin Tags, Online Degree, Paintball, Public Records, Skiing Vacation, Solar Energy


TOPICS: Acting Career, Economic Recession, Gain Muscle, Halloween, Iphone, Landscaping, Mind Mapping, Pet Adoption, Romantic Vacation, Social Networking, Stress Management, Wine Tasting


TOPICS: Basketball, Embroidery, Kauai Vacation, Learn To Draw, Lemon Law, Magic Tricks, Personal Assistant, Profitable Copyrighting, Profitable Teleseminars & Webinars, Stuttering, Time Management, Water to Gas


TOPICS: Affiliate Marketing, Article Marketing, Asset management, Blog Advertising, Feng Shui, Green Tea, Magazine Publishing, Massage Therapy, Payday Loans, Pocket PC, Wrinkles, Yeast Infection


TOPICS: Accounting-Accountancy Career, Acupuncture, Adventure Sailing, CNC, Composting, Hydrogen Fuel, Making Chocolate, Organic Gardening, Raising Chickens, Staying Young, Tai Chi, Youth Activities


TOPICS: Adult Dyslexia, Cat Care, Credit Score, Finance Career, Gemstones, Internship, Learn Piano, Outsourcing, Sailing Vacation, Sponsorship, Stock Trading, Video Conferencing


TOPICS: Baby Monitors, Birth Control, Business Credit, Deforestation, Ferrets, Gain Weight, Kart Racing, Learn Guitar, Nursing Career, Orlando Vacation, Sell Annuity, Speech Therapy


TOPICS: Child protection, Chiropractors, Data Entry, Jamaica Vacations, Knitting, Landscape Architect, Natural Dog Food, Patents, Save Your Marriage, Weight Lifting, Wood Working, Work At Home


TOPICS: BBird Watching, Blogging, Facebook Marketing, Kitesurfing, Life Coach, Living Wills, Maui Vacation, Parachuting, Reiki, Stress Management, Subliminals, Venture Capital


TOPICS: Painting, Mentoring, Travel Insurance, Vintage Cars, Mental Health, India Travel, Hoodia Diet, Dating Services, Coupon Codes, Computer Programming, Business School, Meditation


TOPICS: Air Ambulance, ATV, Cake Decorating, Chinchilla, Domain Names, Hair Transplant, Herbs, Lasik, Mauritius Vacation, Paralegal, Pregnancy Nutrition, Premium Bonds


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TOPICS: Apple Iphone, Autism, Bullying, Glycemic, Hot Tub, Mexican Food, Mexico Vacation, PDA, Property Taxes, Renting, Security Cameras, Web video





Headers are provided for each of 13 topics that you will be receiving articles about in Module 2!

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These 12 sites are on each of the topics you receive articles on every month giving you a turn-key way to start using the content right away.

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3 custom private label eBooks.  These eBooks will also be based on 3 of the niche topics that you receive articles and headers for in modules 2 and 3.

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RIGHTS: Non Transferable PLR. You have complete PLR Rights to the ebook (edit the .doc all you want), the only exception is that you can’t pass on the PLR rights to others. Your customer’s download must be non editable (.PDF or .EXE). You can NOT pass on the .doc file.



TOPICS: Bad Breath, Learn Italian, Warts, Moles & Skin Tags Removal


TOPICS: Recession Survival, Stress Management, Wine Tasting


TOPICS: Lemon Law, Stuttering, Water to Gas


TOPICS: Feng Shui, Magazine Publishing, Massage Therapist


TOPICS: Making Chocolate, Organic Vegetable Gardening, Staying Young


TOPICS: Adult Dyslexia, Owning A Cat, Playing Piano


TOPICS: Sell Annuity, Gaining Weight 101, Learn the Guitar


TOPICS: Child Safety Online, Woodworking 101, Save Your Marriage



TOPICS: Bird Watching, Blogging 101, Stress Management


TOPICS: Canvas Painting, Coupon Codes, Vintage Cars


TOPICS: Herbs, Pregnancy, Cake Decorating


TOPICS: Autism, Glycemic, Web video



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