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The Real Reason Why You Haven't Considered Becoming A Mentor… May Not Be What You Think"

People Are Desperate To Find Someone Who Can Walk Them Through The Maze



The best mentors in the world may not be the ones you might assume.

I'm willing to bet the best mentors you remember warmly and with gratitude were not top gun gurus. The simple truth is, if you're thinking you're years away from mentoring anyone, you need to re-examine those beliefs in the cold, hard light of day!

There are people who have it in them to stand taller than the rest of the crowd and spot the open door others are still struggling to find.

What you may not be realizing is that you could be the one to do it. You just need to know how to tap into your inner tallness.

You think I was just being cute about that "inner tallness"?

Well, what if accepting it could unlock the secrets to:

  • 3 white-hot advantages you can offer your potential students that most top gurus can't

  • The single most important butt-kickin' question you must ask yourself today

  • The 4 unique attributes that separate the riders from the herd

The truth is, if you're even reading this letter, you most likely possess strong leadership qualities. You've probably been doing a lot of growing, and not just in marketing, either.


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