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NOTE FROM RYAN: These are several “Peel Graphics” from the IM Niche. When I bought this I thought it was an actual “Peel Away Graphics Script”, but apparently it’s the graphics only, not the script.

UPDATE: Thanks to member Marian for pointing out that a free “Peel Away Graphics Script” Is Available here.

Have You Ever Seen Those Cool Little Corner “Dog-Ears”
We Just Created New Peel Ads For Internet Marketers!

A while back, a really neat script called “Peel Away Ads” was created by Richard Osterude and Harris Fellman.   I had seen these “peel ads” used on other pages before – but never used them.  To me it looked pretty difficult to do, and honestly – I wasn’t quite sure how people were getting that “page peel” effect when I first noticed it.  When I finally ran across the “Peel Away Ads” script, the light bulbs went on, and I just HAD to try it so I created these peel away graphics for the IM Niche.

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Marian Krajcovic - February 23, 2010

free peel away script can be found here:


Brundage Mark - January 23, 2012

This product has PU license, not MRR nor PLR license. You might want to change it.

    Ryan - January 23, 2012

    Not sure why you think this product comes with a PUO license, but it does come with a Transferable MRR license. A PLR license was also available for purchase from the original product creator when the product was new, but it appears that the website is now offline.

      Brundage Mark - January 23, 2012

      sorry, I must have mixed the license of another product


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