SSD Hosting

Full-Featured, Multiple-Domain, SSD Hosting!

Yep… we’ve now upgraded all of our Monthly Content servers and are using 100% SSD (solid state drives) for extra speed and reliability.

You’ll have full cPanel access with Softaculous and everything else you’d expect (just like if you went out and bought a hosting account yourself).

Your account will come with the ability to host unlimited domains and up to 8000MB Disk Space and 80,000MB Bandwidth (Yep – that’s almost 8 Gigs storage and 80 Gigs Bandwidth) 🙂

Your account will start off with 1000MB Disk Space and 10,000MB Bandwidth and if you are starting to come close to reaching either limit just let us know and we’ll increase your limits in stages up to the max limit!

To request your hosting account just follow these steps:

Step 1:

Login to the registrar where your domains are registered.

If your don’t currently have your own domain I recommend using to register your domains, they are cheap, high quality and give you free WhoisGuard Privacy Protection.

Step 2:

Change the name servers for each domain you want to host with us to the following:

Check with your registrar for specific instructions as to how to change the name servers using their particular system. If you’re using Name Cheap you just select the domain name you want to change the Name Servers for then click “Domain Name Server Setup”, then enter in box one and in box two and click save changes.

Step 3:

Open a support ticket at

Be sure to write “Monthly Content Hosting” in the field where it asks what product or website your ticket is about.

In the ticket indicate that you’d like a hosting account set up and be sure to indicate what the primary domain you want your account set up under is (your primary domain should be a domain you’ve already registered and have already changed the name servers for that domain in step 2).

IMPORTANT: Also include your username for

As soon as your account is set up, you’ll be sent your User Name, Password, IP Address, Name Server, FTP and CPANEL logins, etc. and you can start using your account right away.