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Lead Generation Authority – MRR

Lead Generation

“Discover A Step-By-Step Plan To Attract More Leads, Close More Sales And Increase ROI In Your Marketing! In This Course, You’ll Find Out How To Generate Leads In Any Business And Convert Those Leads Into High Paying Customers!” 

What you’ll discover in this eBook:

  • Understanding all the different types of leads and how they vary. It all starts with understanding the types of leads.
  • How to build an email list so you can follow-up on your subscribers.
  • How to increase trust and authority in your industry so your leads will buy your product or service.
  • How to use lead management software such as SalesForce and HubSpot.
  • How to make sales from leads – turn leads into customers!
  • How to write an effective squeeze page or landing page so you can start building your lead generation machine.
  • How to make leads excited for a product using copywriting techniques
  • How to build leads in person
  • How to create a large following on social media by selling your ‘dream’
  • Why having a brand and a mission statement is so important…and much, much more!

Lead Generation Authority Gold Upgrade – MRR

Lead Generation

“Now You Can Get Instant Access To 10 HOT, Over-The-Shoulder, Step-By-Step Video Tutorials! Download And Start Playing These Videos Tutorials Right From The Comfort Of Your Home!” 

What you get:

  • Video 1: Lead Generation Tools To Build, Manage And Grow Your Leads.
  • Video 2: How To Create A Landing Page Using LeadPages
  • Video 3: 10 Ways To Start Capturing Leads
  • Video 4: Local And Offline Businesses – 6 Lead Generation Strategies.
  • Video 5: Understanding The Types of Leads
  • Video 6: How To Capture Leads Using Exit Pops
  • Video 7: How To Use ActiveCampaign To Automate Your Marketing
  • Video 8: How To Turn Leads Into Customers – Principles To Follow
  • Video 9: Social Media Lead Generation – Be Where Your Audience is At
  • Video 10: Lead Generation Sales Funnel Example


Attraction Mantra Secrets Video Upgrade – MRR

Attraction Mantra

“Did you know that videos are processed by the brain at least 60,000 faster than text? Get The Attraction Mantra Secrets Video Upgrade!” 

What you get:

  • Video 1: Universal Truth Of Attraction
  • Video 2: Self-Enhancement Mantra
  • Video 3: Unlocking Your Ultimate Potential
  • Video 4: Empty Your Mind
  • Video 5: Attracting Your True Calling
  • Video 6: ‘Force’ The Universe
  • Video 7: Wealth Attraction Mantra
  • Video 8: Health Attraction Mantra
  • Video 9: Affection Attraction Mantra
  • Video 10: Overflowing Abundance



How To Raise Fast Cash – MRR

Raise Cash Fast

“How Would You Like To Shortcut Your Way To Generating Quick Cash Online And Smashing It Like A Pro? Discover Fast And Easy Methods To Massive Funds Day In, Day Out. No Experience. No Product. No Website!”

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Amazingly Simple Course:

  • Jv Brokering
    1. What Is Joint Ventures And Why Do JV Brokering?
    2. How To Structure Your Offer
    3. Where To Find JVs
    4. How To Contact Product Vendors Before They Launch
  • Freelancing
    1. Types Of Freelancing You Can Do
    2. Where To Post Your Service
    3. How To Get Clients
  • Sell Your Stuff
    1. Signing Up For eBay Account
    2. What Can You Sell?
    3. How To Sell Stuff You Don’t Own
  • Brokering Solo Ads
    1. The Solo Ads Business Explained
    2. List Of FB Groups To Join
    3. How To Find Clients And Connect To Solo Ad Vendors
    4. Mindset Conditioning – How To Raise Emergency Money


Snapchat For Entrepreneurs – MRR & Giveaway Rights


“Discover How To Use Snapchat In Your Marketing To Get More Attention, Generate More Leads and Make More Sales! These Tips Will Help You To Improve Your Social Media Marketing And Show You How To Better Connect With Your Customers!” 

Here’s what you’ll discover in the Snapchat for Entrepreneurs guide:

  • Why Snapchat is one of the best marketing channels
  • How you can increase the amount of followers you have on Snapchat
  • Effectiveness: 15 Tips for Getting More From Snapchat
  • How to better connect with your customers
  • How to use snapchat to market to your customers
  • How and why you should be using snapchat
  • How to use marketing techniques to boost its effectiveness
  • How to create a schedule for your snapchat marketing
  • …and much, much more!

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