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Simple SEO – MRR


“Discover How To Use SEO Effectively And Get A Massive Boost To Your Marketing Efforts And Success! A Beginners Guide To SEO For Profits!”

Here’s What You Can Learn:

  • SEO Basics
  • Determine And Monitor Your Search Standings
  • Research Keywords And Know Where They Go
  • Know How To Use Internal Links
  • Create A Site Map
  • Make Search Friendly URLs
  • Know What To Avoid
  • Using Image Descriptions
  • And so much more…

Panda Penguin SEO Secrets – MRR

panda penguin seo secrets

“How To Get More Web Traffic After The Panda And Penguin Google Updates, Starting Today – 100% Guaranteed!”

In Panda Penguin SEO Secrets, you’ll discover:

  • The history of SEO… and why it doesn’t work anymore
  • What Google is really doing with its updates
  • Why old school backlinking methods kill your rankings
  • The 5 most powerful sources for your backlinks
  • Free and paid resources that still do wonders for traffic
  • How to build a brand and drive traffic from all over the web

The Link Wheel System – MRR


“SEO Genius Reveals Formula For Building A Network Of Backlinks That Simply Work! Say Goodbye To The Shotgun Approach Of Spamming Links Everywhere And Finally Get Your Website Seen!”

This step by step guide will teach you everything you need to know about linkwheels including:

  • What linkwheels are and how they can benefit you in many different ways
  • The pitfalls to avoid when creating linkwheels so your sites aren’t deleted
  • What content to use for maximum success
  • The two main strategies for linkwheels and how each can benefit you
  • Advanced techniques for creating linkwheels that can further increase your profits
  • What to do with your linkwheels once you’ve created them
  • And much much more!


Panda Penguin SEO Secrets – MRR


“How to get more web traffic after the Panda and Penguin Google updates, starting today!”

In Panda Penguin SEO Secrets, you’ll discover:

  • The history of SEO… and why it doesn’t work anymore
  • What Google is really doing with its updates
  • Why old school backlinking methods kill your rankings
  • The 5 most powerful sources for your backlinks
  • Free and paid resources that still do wonders for traffic
  • How to build a brand and drive traffic from all over the web

Search Engine Optimization Breakthrough – MRR & Giveaway Rights


“Increase Quality Traffic to Your Website With Search Engine Optimization Tips and Strategies That Will Increase Your Search Engine Ranking!”

We are offering you a special eBook with valuable info that will help you become an SEO expert:

  • Learn how to modify your website content to improve search engine placement.
  • Discover SEO secrets on the creation and utilization of niche articles to increase traffic.
  • Find out how to use press releases to increase your ranking at major search engines.
  • Get information on how to use blogging to attract more visitors through SEO strategy.
  • Maximize your website traffic even more through our SEO insight on proper usage of photos, longtail keywords, and search engine ads.
  • Let us teach you how to utilize free tools to find the best keywords for your website and business so that you attract the quality visitors who will best respond to your product, services or information.
  • Learn exactly what SEO is and which search engines use SEO.
  • Become an SEO expert so you can use this information over and over again.
  • And much, much more!

Rock Solid SEO – MRR & Giveaway Rights


“FINALLY: You Can Sleep at Night Without Worrying About Penguins or Pandas!”

In Rock Solid SEO, you’ll discover

  • The history of SEO… and why it doesn’t work anymore
  • What Google is really  doing with its updates
  • Why old school backlinking methods kill your rankings
  • The 5 most powerful sources for your backlinks
  • Free and paid resources that still do wonders for traffic
  • How to build a brand and drive traffic from all over the web

100 SEO Tips – PLR


“This ebook will give you 100 search engine techniques. The competition is fierce in the search engines. In order to get your web site or blog ranked high you need all the SEO techniques you can handle from this list!”

Tip: 52# You can use targeted keywords. You might also incorporate other high ranked map/directions site’s SEO tips.

100 SEO Tips – MRR & Giveaway Rights


“100 SEO Tips EVERY SEO Enthusiast Should Know!”

Tip#12. Pinpoint your top competitors – Knowing your competitors is one of the best things to do in order to get ahead of them, or at least be at par with their performance. To attain that, you need to do your research about them first. Identify them, and try to check the strategies that they are making use of. See if such techniques can also be applied on your web page, so that you can take advantage of them if possible.

Facebook Twitter Feed App – PLR


“Now You Can Get monstrous Exposure Quickly And Targeted To Any Niche!”

This is a Twitter Feed app that plugs directly into your fan pages! You can add any Twitter Feed you wish. You can also add a banner above the feeds to monetize your page!… Let people add themselves to your money-list by getting your “incentive” in front of hundreds of millions of people who will talk about it, share it and work for you while you enjoy the buzz.

The Beginners Guide to Micro Niches – PLR

the beginners guide to microniches.jpg

“What If I Could Show You A New Way That You Can Make Money Online without Having To Compete In Overcrowded Niches Markets?”

Just Imagine Being Able To:

  • Create unique products designed to meet a specific need for targeted group.
  • Being able to set your own price because no one else is serving that market.
  • Shooting to the top of search engine rankings with very focused keywords
  • Building a recession-proof business that will continue to churn out profits no matter what the economy is doing.
  • Actually having people thank you for creating products to meet their particular needs
  • …And that’s just for starters!

And not only that, but:

  • You’ll learn how to create products for one niche after another..
  • Discover how to set up multiple streams of online income.
  • Get the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping people solve their problems.
  • Build up a steady income so that you’ll never have to work at a job again

Content In A Box – MRR & Giveaway Rights


“Get Instant Access To 52 High Quality Internet Marketing & Self-Help Articles You Can Use For Your Blogs, Newsletter, Autoresponder Series and Submission to Article Directories!…Say ‘Goodbye’ To Writing Another Article! Simply ‘Pick & Choose’ An Article Inside This Pack
For Instant Content!”

Here is a sneek peek of what you’ll get Inside Content-In-A-Box:

  • You’ll get 52 high-quality articles based around hot topics — Internet marketing and self-help, written by US writers with fluent English.
  • Each article in this package is at least 300 words – perfect length for posting on your blog or autoresponder.
  • Each article is unique. It goes through Copyscape quality check to ensure each article is unique and not plagiarized.
  • All articles are formatted in plain text so you can open the articles in any text editing program like NotePad or TextEdit.

Expert SEO and Backlinking – RR

“Catapult Your Site To The Top Of Google Page 1 For Unlimited Traffic And Huge Online Profits Quickly And Easily.”

This course will reveal:

  • What are backlinks?
  • Difference between on-page and off-page SEO
  • The effect of high PR and low PR backlinks on your rankings.
  • Do-follow VS no-follow backlinks
  • Types of backlinks and how to post them easily

You will also discover:

  • Best backlinking techniques to rank your site
  • Most effective ways to build backlinks
  • Top sources for posting backlinks
  • Advanced backlinking tools
  • How to outsource various link building strategies.
  • And much more…


WordPress Optimization Secrets – MRR & Giveaway Rights


“One Of The Most Valuable Resources In The World When It Comes Ways To Get Your Blog To Rank Higher!”

Who Can Use This Book?

  • Internet marketers
  • Network marketers
  • Life Coaches
  • Personal Development Enthusiasts
  • Self Improvement Bloggers
  • Web Publishers
  • Writers and Content Creators
  • And Many More!

In This Book, You Will Learn:

  • Page Rank Basics
  • Using Articles And Blog Posts
  • Using Backlinks
  • Using Directories
  • Using Social Media And Site Maps
  • And so much more!

WordPress SEO Mastery – MRR

Wordpress SEO Mastery

“Search Engine Optimization Tips – SEO For WordPress Sites!”

Essential SEO strategies for use with WordPress (WP) sites. WordPress is the de facto platform for establishing a presence online and this guide will show you how to get the most out of your wordpress SEO optimization. Learn best practices and a few tips and strategies you can use to maximize your search engine friendliness

Super Affiliate Evolution – MRR


“I’m about to hand over a complete arsenal of fail-proof affiliate blueprints that my team and i have used to build a six figure business!”

5 super cool reasons to grab Super Affiliate Evolution…

  • You will recieve a system that has everything you need without having to go out and buy extra to make it work!
  • It involves no guesswork; anyone can do it!
  • It has been proven by my family and many others that it works time after time!
  • I guarantee it works!

Here is a brief overview of what you will be getting:

Module 1:  Bulletproof keyword research

  • SEO keyword research the right way!
  • Doing PPC keyword research so that you don’t spend over .25 per click!
  • Choosing Keywords that Attract buyers, NOT info Seekers

Module 2:  Bulletproof keyword research

  • How to find the best CPA offers!
  • Determining if a Clickbank product converts well!
  • Finding different mobile CPA networks!

Module 3:  Creating Your Persona

  • Why you need to create Persona
  • The true essence of becoming a super affiliate this day in age!
  • How to build instant rapport & credibility!

Module 4:  How To Build Sites/Blogs that convert

  • Why squeeze pages are the best way to money as affiliate
  • Long term affiliate commission blueprint
  • Using WordPress to create affiliate sites on the fly!
  • The one thing that helps your site convert 20 out 100 visitors!

Module 5:  Listbuilding & Automated Relationship Building

  • How to “Set and Forget” your affiliate campaigns.
  • An autoresponder sequence that gets the best response
  • How I built a list of over 5,000 targeted subscribers in less than 14 days
  • Why you need to put systems on your affiliate business!

Module 6:  Easy SEO Techniques

  • What’s affiliate marketing w/o FREE traffic.
  • Build an ongoing traffic source that doesn’t cost you thing!
  • Finding the “low hanging” fruit and profiting immensely!

Module 7:  Penny Clicks & Untapped Traffic

  • Why this is the REAL game changer!
  • ALL my secret PPC traffic sources
  • How to turn .05 into $10 all day long!!
  • Secret resource to finding all the traffic sources you will EVER need!

Module 8:  Social Media & Content Marketing

  • How social media can rocket you to NEW Heights!
  • Secret YouTube expliots, totally legal but insanely LETHAL! 🙂
  • Why article marketing is DEAD and how to get your content ranked #1 over Wikipedia!

Expert Offline Informer – PLR


” Expert Offline Informer Reports on Facebook, Mobile, PPC, SEO &  Webinar”

This report includes:

  • Social Media and Your Business – How to Get Customers Through Facebook
  • Mobile Marketing and Your Business – How to Reach Customers Through Their Cell Phones
  • Online Paid Ads and Your Business – How to Get Customers Through Pay-per-click and other Online Advertising
  • SEO and Your Business – How to Get More Customers Through Search Engine Optimization
  • Webinars and Your Business – How to Reach Customers Through Webinars

110 Bite Sized Traffic Super Tips – MRR & Giveaway Rights


“Discover How You Can Quickly & Easily Get MORE Traffic Using Any of These 110 ‘Bite-Sized’ Traffic Tactics You Can Use Right Now… GUARANTEED!”

Inside you’ll discover things like…

  •     Important SEO traffic generation tips you should know about
  •     How to get traffic from social media sites like StumbleUpon and Yahoo Groups.
  •     26 essential tips on getting traffic using article marketing
  •     22 fast tips on generating traffic using Pay-Per-Click
  •     How to get traffic from free blogs and forums
  •     14 must-have traffic generation tactics for maximum traffic
  •     How to re-vamp your site for explosive traffic
  •     + You’ll also receive this bonus video titled ’10 Bite-Sized SEO Traffic Generation Tips’: