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bryan - November 25, 2009

A separate download link for (or preview of)  the specific product rights would be an awesome addition to an already awesome over delivering membership site

REPLY: After the title of each product is a key to the product rights (PLR, MRR, RR or PUO). Those 4 simple codes are used because they're consistent across almost all products. Of course most products have a more detailed license file in the download, however, the 4 keys (PLR, MRR, RR & PUO) will let you know the basic rights so you can decide if you want to download.

Jim - January 25, 2010

Will you have new set of 100 wordpress templates every month?



REPLY: If They Keep Offering Them We'll Keep Buying Them

Keith - January 31, 2010


Can you help with creating easy ebook covers I keep looking for something that I can use

but I cant seem to find anything on the site

perhaps you have an idea of something simple to use


REPLY: Ebook covers are normally created with Action Scripts that you use with Photoshop. We don't have any action scripts in the member's area. If you don't have photoshop I have heard good things about which you can use without photoshop (but you have to have a hosting account as it's a script you host on your server).


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