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MePhotoFrame-TranFrom: Ryan Even

Hey… Come over here for a second…

I want to tell you a little secret…

You know those internet marketers who always seem to have new products that they’re constantly selling?

Have you ever wondered how they keep coming up with new products to sell week after week?

Well congratulations…

You just found their secret source!

That’s right, if you’ve seen other sites out there selling PLR or Master Resell Rights content (including other membership sites) you’ve now found what is most likely their source of new products.

Welcome to Monthly Content

Now that you’ve found Monthly Content, you too can have at your disposal a near unlimited supply of products with PLR (Private Label Rights) & Master Resell Rights that you can not only learn from yourself, but also sell and keep all the money!

Yep, It’s true.

You’re about to get instant access to literally 1000’s of Products with PLR and Master Resell Rights (pretty much every product that’s been released to the marketplace with resell rights or PLR in any niche since 2008)…

Plus new products are added to the member’s area MULTIPLE TIMES PER WEEK!

STOP Buying Products Yourself…
Let Me Buy Them For You

Look… Having been at this since 2008 we’re “in the loop” and know about it when new products are released into the marketplace with PLR or Resell Rights. In most cases we’ll find them, buy them and add them to the member’s area automatically.

BUT… if you find a product with PLR or resell rights that’s not already in the member’s area YOU can request it (using our easy product request form) and I‘ll buy it for you and add it to the member’s area (which means you also get access to the products I buy for other Monthly Content members)!

As A Monthly Content Member You:

SAVE TIME – Because our team goes out and finds all of the products released into the marketplace (in every niche) with PLR or Resell Rights and buys them and adds them to the member’s area for you automatically.

SAVE MONEY – My pockets are DEEP so yours don’t have to be! I buy not only new products with PLR or Resell Rights, but now I even buy products and WSOs for you for your personal use only (where I can’t buy a license to pass resell rights to you, but I still buy it for you for your own personal use).

And of course you can even request specific products that you want me to buy and add to the member’s area for you.

Oh… And Did I Mention You Get BONUSES!

In addition to the 1000’s of products you’ll now have access to in Monthly Content, you’ll also get these bonuses:

Free Web Hosting – As a Monthly Content member you get a free hosting account with full cPanel access, multiple domains and all of the other bells and whistles just as if you bought the hosting account directly from a hosting company. This hosting account is free for you for as long as you’re a Monthly Content member.

A Monthly Multi-Part IM Video Series With PLR – Giving you a new, high-quality internet marketing related video product every month in addition to everything else you get in Monthly Content! This video series alone is with worth more than the Monthly Content membership fee.

Look, I could continue on and start writing out a bunch of bullet points with the benefits of Monthly Content but we’re both marketers and I think you already “get it”.

I mean if you don’t realize that it’s a bargain to get instant access to 1000’s of products that you can sell yourself, as your own products for a dollar, then I don’t know what to tell ya?

Get Access To It All Right Now For $1.

That’s right, from this page I’m giving you FULL ACCESS to the Monthly Content member’s area for 14 days for just $1 (yep – just a buck).

You’ll have full and complete access to the member’s area and the entire archive of products going all the way back to 2008!

You can literally download everything you want from the member’s area during the 14 day trial and cancel having only paid $1.

If you DO want to cancel your membership you can either cancel it yourself right within your own PayPal account (if you signed up via PayPal) or simply open a support ticket to request cancellation. No questions will be asked and there will be no hard feelings.

Plus, even if your cancel, all the products you downloaded while you were a member are still yours to keep and use forever.

Of course, I think once you see what it’s like to be a Monthly Content member and to have several new products with PLR & Master Resell Rights at your disposal every week that you can sell yourself and keep all the money (along with all the other benefits of Monthly Content) you’ll want to continue as a member.

If you do decide to continue your membership, after your 14 day trial you’ll be billed just $29.95 per month for continued access to Monthly Content. That is the “Charter Member” price discounted from the normal $47 price on the main page.

Simply click the Add To Button below to get started now for just $1!

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To Your Success,

Ryan Even

P.S. Listen, if you’re looking to automatically have access to just about every product, in every niche that comes out with PLR or any type of resell rights, PLUS the ability to request products and have them purchased FOR YOU and added to the member’s area, Monthly Content is for you!

P.P.S. You can sign up for the trial now, check the member’s area, download as much as you want, cancel anytime you want and still keep everything.

P.P.P.S. You will not find a PLR or Master Resell Rights offer better than this one. I encourage you to check it out and grab your spot now.